2012 Topps Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph Checklist

With a deep draft full of a ton of great future major league talent, Topps has pulled out all the stops to get a great Bowman Chrome autographed checklist in their products this season. Without further explanation, here’s the checklist:

Andrelton Simmons
Andrew Susac
Anthony Rendon
Austin Hedges
Brandon Drury
Brandon Jacobs
Bryan Brickhouse
Carlos Martinez
Charlie Tilson
Cheslor Cuthbert
Clay Holmes
Daniel Norris
Danny Hultzen
Dante Bichette Jr.
Dean Green
Dillon Howard
Dillon Maples
Drew Hutchison
Eddie Rosario
Eric Arce
Gerrit Cole
Greg Bird
Jackie Bradley Jr.
Jacob Anderson
Jeimer Candelario
Joc Pederson
Joe Ross
Josh Bell
Julio Rodriguez
Kes Carter
Matt Purke
Nick Delmonico
Nick Maronde
Oscar Taveras
Rookie Davis
Tommy Joseph
Tyler Collins
Xander Bogaerts

Not a bad list of prospects at all. It should be a great year for the Bowman brand with this talented group of prospects.

Er, sorry for the terrible scan. The only question I have is where is Yu Darvish on this list? Is he not considered a prospect or what?

Preview: 2012 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

One of Topps’ new baseball products this season arrives tomorrow in 2012 Topps Museum Collection baseball. At one hit per pack, this is a hit filled product sure to make the hit collectors happy.

The box layout is simple. 4 packs, 4 hits per box. Every box will contain one on-card autograph, one autographed relic card, one jumbo relic card, and one quad relic card. The star attraction in this product is the inclusion of rookie autographs from phenom Yu Darvish. But there are some also great autographs in this product from dual autographs, cut signatures, Archival Autographs and framed autographs.

The autographed memorabilia cards feature dual relics, triple relics, quad relics, and jumbo relics along with a signature. And we all know about plain old relic cards that will be in this product.

A cool addition this year is an insert which features an original painting of some of the top 50 most collectible players of all time. There are only 10 of these made, with reproductions also filling the product. I like that addition to this product as it really gives the “museum” feel.

You’ll also find your standard base cards in several different paralleled forms numbered to 199, 99, and 1 of 1. There is also a “blue” parallel that appears to be unnumbered.

So check out this product when it hits stores tomorrow, April 4th, for around $170. It looks like it could be a fun break as the 2012 Topps Museum Collection checklist actually looks pretty good.

Thanks Topps For More Veteran Autographs

As I’ve been saying for awhile now, one reason I haven’t bought much baseball products is the lack of veteran autographs. I’m not a prospector. I don’t know who half the little known rookies are when I pull an autograph of theirs from a box. I want players I know for my autograph hits.

My autograph from 2012 Topps Series I was Ian Kennedy. I know who he is. He won 20 games last year. His autograph may not go for much because he’s a Diamondback, but at least he has played in the big leagues and was successful, at least last season.

And finally, Topps has listened to collectors like me. Topps has just announced they have included more veteran/star autographs in upcoming products like 2012 Topps Chrome, 2012 Topps Finest, and 2012 Bowman Platinum.

Some of the additional autographs come from players like Chipper Jones, Ryan Braun, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Albert Pujols, Dustin Pedroia and Robinson Cano, amongst others.

I’m very excited to see some of these additional names and are a great selling point for collectors like me who aren’t into the whole rookie and prospecting phenomenon.

Thank you Topps!

Preview: 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

After a pretty successful product last season, Upper Deck is bringing back the Goodwin Champions product again this year with some really interesting new additions. Last year, collectors were captivated by bugs, animal patches, and hand painted portraits of former US Presidents on trading cards.

This year, things are changed up a bit. You will still have your “casual” shots of current and former athletes which may appear kind of strange, but the hits in the product this year may make you have to pick up your jaw from the floor.

Entomology returns for it’s final year with rare and colorful insects inserted into a nice little shadow box. You all should know the deal on these as they’ve been around for a few years now. Museum Relics returns as well, but this time it has a real theme. The theme is “Civil War” and shadowboxes will be created for US Civil War relics including money, insignias, and buttons from the Civil War. The Presidential portraits will be replaced with 50 hand painted cards featuring the original 1888 Goodwin Champions set. Another great addition is “It Came From Outer Space!” which features meteorite and space debris pieces.

Other than the cool relics inserted, you will find hard signed autographs as well. Combined with the above, you will have 3 hits per box. A great addition to any product is the 5×7 box topper, which Upper Deck provides as well. On a case level, there will be one dual memorabilia short print, five Animal Patch cards, and one hand painted 1888 Goodwin Champions card or It Came From Outer Space relic, or Civil War or Entomology relic.

While this product may not be for everyone, it’s definitely something different that many collectors will enjoy once again this year when it releases on August 14, 2012.

You can read more about 2012 Goodwin Champions on the official Upper Deck blog.

2012 Topps Heritage Has Redemptions…For Quarters

I know I harp on and on about redemptions, but this time the redemption has gone too far. We are now waiting for redemptions for US currency embedded in cards in 2012 Topps Heritage.

Why are we waiting for redemptions for quarters? QUARTERS? Seriously? At the point, I’m just waiting for the point where I open a box of cards and all it contains is a redemption.

“This is a redemption for the cards inside the box you just purchased. This expires on 3/17/2014.”

The only reasoning I can think of is to chase away pack searchers, but were the coin cards from the past couple years redemptions? Or why not just try something other then coins embedded in cards? I understand your set is based off the 1963 Topps design, but what does coins have to do with baseball cards?

At least we know these redemption cards will be worth at least 25 cents.