Preview: 2012 Topps Tier One Baseball

In a little less than a week Topps is set to continue their game changers for this season with 2012 Topps Tier One baseball. The one pack product that features a few hits is back and upgraded from last year’s somewhat disappointing first season. A lot of collectors had high expectations last year, but it looks like things have been remedied just enough.

Every pack guarantees one Crowd Pleaser autograph, one On the Rise autograph, and one relic numbered to 399 or less. Plus 1:4 boxes contains an extra relic as well. I’m happy to see the guaranteed two autographs in this product because the checklist is pretty solid.

Even the relic checklist is pretty solid. If you are a frequent reader of the blog you might remember our checklist of bat knobs that are included in this product. Over 100 1/1 bat knobs are distributed in this product.

But one of my favorites is the acetate autograph rookie reprint cards. Autographs on clear cards needs to come back and I know Topps and Panini are doing what they can to make that happen. All spear headed by me! (Well I like to think so!)

And of course, there are some pretty autograph relics included as well. The product looks much better than it did last year and I can’t wait to see some breaks of the product. I also can’t wait to see some of these bat knobs. With 100 bat knobs from 100 different players, those are sure to be a hit.

Look out on June 20, 2012, for this product at around $90.

Topps Announces 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention Plans

Topps announces that it has created two special sets for the 2012 National Collector’s Convention in Baltimore, MD.  Both are available exclusively via redemption at the Topps Booth.


Topps has created an exclusive 25-card sequentially numbered 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel.  Collectors opening a full box of 2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball at the booth will receive the set.  The set will include Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish and more.  In addition, autographed versions of selected cards will be randomly inserted.


There is also a special 9-card 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini Card set featuring the hottest rookies in the NFL and MLB. Collectors opening 3 packs of any 2012 Topps/Bowman MLB or NFL products can redeem their wrappers for one of nine NFL/MLB Rookies.  The subjects are:

  • Bryce Harper
  • Yu Darvish
  • Yoenis Cespedes
  • Andrew Luck
  • Robert Griffin III
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Trent Richardson
  • Michael Floyd
  • Justin Blackmon

Preview: 2012 Topps Pro Debut Baseball

Topps is back it again using their Minor League Baseball license to create 2012 Topps Pro Debut baseball.

While I’m not a fan of the product because I’m not a prospector, it’s filled with all the stuff prospectors love – autographs. Well it’s not just all autographs, but there are some memorabilia cards as well…and some sweet ones at that if you get lucky.

Each 24 pack box will feature 2 autographs and 2 relics cards. Each pack has 8 cards in it. The base set is 220 cards deep with 50 short printed variation cards. The only parallels are the gold parallels numbered to 50 and the 1 of 1 printing plates.

You will find 2 autographs in a box featuring some of the best young talent in the minor leagues. This will be the first autograph from some of those names, but the fact that they aren’t considered rookies and they are in their minor league uniforms causes them to be a little less valuable. It’s like a step below the Bowman brand.

You can find single autographs with a base version, a gold border version numbered to 50, and a red border version numbered to 1, and a printing plate version. There are also dual autographs with a gold version numbered to 10, a red version numbered to 1, and printing plates numbered to 1.

The relics consist of game used jerseys and bats and manufactured logo patches. There are jumbo patch parallels, however they are just numbered to 5. It doesn’t look there are any autographed relics according to the sell sheet which they had a few of last year I believe.

This product releases on June 13, 2012, for around $60 a box. Get some young star autographs before they make it to the big time products!

Why Topps? A Complaint on 2012 Bowman Signatures

This is a case where “FIRSTIES” has gone completely wrong.

2012 Bowman Signatures is the first licensed product of the 2012 NFL football season. And it hardly looks like it’s a licensed product.

With Topps wanting to put the first product of the season out in order to cash in on the hype of this year’s rookie class, they were unable to provided photos (or even photoshopped images) of rookies in their new NFL uniforms. The result is a lackluster design where the player’s jerseys are just a single color with no NFL logos.

While some of the cards look halfway decent, like the helmet cards, the rest of the rookie content is extremely hard to look at. And the price of this product makes it that much harder to look at after you end up buying a box for close to $200.

This is definitely a historic fail on the part of Topps, which I’m sure won’t be happening next year.

With Panini stepping up their game in the design department, who would of thought that the first Topps product wouldn’t look half as good as Panini’s first product of the season, Prestige?

Preview: 2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball

2012 Topps Series II releases on June 5, 2012, with more to work on your set and more value for the collectors. Including Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish rookie cards, you’ll have your staples from years past with a ton of great inserts and of course, the base cards to work on your set.

But first, don’t forget to get your empty Topps Series II wrappers in for the wrapper redemption program. You can visit that link for more information on that program.

At 36 cards per box and 10 cards per pack of the regular hobby boxes, you’ll find one autograph or one relic card per box. With some very good autographs like Bryce Harper’s short printed rookie having autographed versions, the newly inserted Golden Moment die-cut autographs, Yu Darvish autographed rookies, and of course to keep with the gold theme, your Golden Moments autographs return as well.

The inserts and relics are numerous once again as well with 1/1 letterman cards, wood parallels, manufactured rings, and more. The variety is strong in this product with a ton of great inserts and relics to be pulled. (As well as more Golden Giveaway codes!)

So get ready to finish off your sets, hunt for the Bryce Harper SP rookie, and find some more great cards for your sets. And don’t forget to send in those wrappers as well! At $56, it’s worth the price of ripping.