Aloha! Card of the Day: 2011 Topps Triple Threads Shane Victorino Autograph Jersey

Aloha and mahalo for visiting Sports Card Blog today. Tonight, we are on location on the beautiful island of Maui to get some needed rest and relaxation. Well, not really. A great friend of mine is getting married in a few days and I need to be there by his side while he gets married. So here I am, sitting just far enough to barely hear the waves at my hotel.

So when I think of Hawaii sports, I think of players that have come all the way from the islands to play professional sports. The first player I think of is Major League Baseball player Shane Victorino, also know as the Flyin’ Hawaiian. And I know a ton of people give Topps crap for some of the words they put on Triple Threads cards, but this one they did right. “Flyin’ Hawaiian” is the perfect nickname for the speedster and the perfect thing to put on his trading card.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Triple Threads in general, but the next release of the product comes out in a couple weeks. I have a preview for it coming soon, so stay tuned on that. Just hopefully this year Topps stopped with the corny words they are cutting into the cards for the relics.

Redemption Thursday

Well in case you haven’t heard, my computer decided to take a crap on me. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to provide some posts for you guys. It just means my posts won’t be completely as normal as usual, but that’s okay.

Anyway, today I received another redemption from Panini, this time from 2011 Panini Prime Signatures in which I reviewed awhile ago. This redemption wasn’t in there very long, which is always nice from the trading card companies. But the guy who signed the card probably doesn’t have much else to do…

2011 Prime Signatures Nathan Enderle Autograph #/49. Nathan who? Really, I have no idea who this guy is. Apparently the back of the card says he is a 5th round draft pick from the Bears. Panini boasts that he is accurate with a quick release and pocket presence. He was also hand picked by Mike Martz too, I guess.

Why he was late in returning autographs, we will never know. I believe he was what…3rd string? And his autograph coming as the sole hit from a $60 box is kinda sad. I mean, at least he isn’t a lineman or something. But still, that product was quite the gamble. At least Panini has some improvements set for this year’s version of the product.

Preview: 2011 Upper Deck USA Football Hobby Box Set

The future stars of America’s most popular sport are upon us. Upper Deck has decided to grab the license to produce USA Football cards featuring some of the best….high school football players in the nation.

On a personal note, this is an interesting development. Getting these kids to sign and getting pieces of their jerseys are interesting. And the fact these will be the first cards, some autographed, of future college and NFL players makes things even more interesting. I guess it just depends on how collectors react to them. Talk about prospecting, this may take it to a whole other level.

Anyway, each of these box sets will feature 45 cards of all the top players in the country who represent the United States in international competition. Each box will feature 1 autograph and 2 game used jersey cards in these boxed sets. These include autographed jersey swatches and patch cards as well, in limited numbers.

And that’s about it. Boxed sets aren’t filled with too much, but it’s definitely good to start the product out with a bang to garner some interest. While high school players don’t get huge recognition and the names aren’t that big, it’s just a matter of time before these guys are playing for your favorite college team or are getting drafted to the NFL.

For $38 a box and that kind of a content, if you have an itch, this product may be worth opening and seeing what the players do in a few years time. We may have some future Heisman Trophy winners in here? Future #1 picks? Who knows? Check it out on May 15, 2012.

Need to find the checklist for 2011 Upper Deck USA Football?

Charity Group Break: 2011 Panini Limited Baseball

I mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to do something to support charity, so with our box of 2011 Panini Limited baseball sent to us for review, we want to use that to give back to charity.

So we will be hosting a charity group break with all proceeds going towards a special charity that will be chosen by those in the group break, the majority of votes by those involved will win. You will have three choices when you sign up for the group break. You can choose between Special Olympics Oregon, National MS Society, or the Portland Providence Medical Foundation. If there is a tie amongst participants in the voting, I will cast the deciding vote.

Each spot in this charity group break is $10. $10 will guarantee you 3 teams in this break. The first team you will be picking yourself with the other two randomized.

To sign up, post below with your team of choice and which charity you would like to support. Then, send $10 via PayPal to to lock that spot in. Make sure the email you use when you post here matches your PayPal email. If it’s different, please let me know. After all the spots have been paid for I will post the video and the review of the product. All the cards will be sent out to the winners.

Since this product only contains a limited number of cards, if none of your 3 teams gets a card, I will send out something to you just for participating and helping support this charitable event.

Again, all proceeds will benefit the majority of the chosen charity by the people involved in this break. I will scan or take a screen shot of the donation for everyone afterward.

Participants/Team/Charity of Choice:

1. Richard Wade – Braves – National MS Society (PAID) (Rays, Blue Jays)
2. Doc – Phillies – National MS Society (PAID) (Angels, Dodgers)
3. Cards and Case Breaks – Red Sox – National MS Society (PAID) (Rangers, Tigers)
4. Sports Card Radio – Athletics – Special Olympics Oregon (PAID) (Padres, Brewers)
5. flatsports – Twins – CHARITY (PAID) (Marlins, Mets)
6. mojobreak – Giants – Special Olympics Oregon (PAID) (Astros, Diamondbacks)
7. Ryan Cracknell – Mariners – National MS Society (PAID) (Cubs, Orioles)
8. Dylan Zeh – Pirates – National MS Society (PAID) (Nationals, Indians)
9. Mike – Yankees – National MS Society (PAID) (Rockies, Royals)
10. Jeff Laws – White Sox – National MS Society (PAID) (Reds, Cardinals)

It has been confirmed by those participating, that $100 will be donated to the National MS Society. I appreciate all of your participation. The review and video will be up shortly.

Review: 2011 Panini Prime Signatures Football

2011 Panini Prime Signatures was released recently and we were about to snag a box to review for you guys as I know you love the reviews. 2011 Panini Prime Signatures is the revitalization of a older Panini product brought back in the football arena.

It features 4 cards per pack and is a single pack product. Each box is guaranteed to have an autograph and every card is numbered. There really isn’t much else to the product besides the 200+ card base set, but we’ll discuss that in the review.


While it sort of looks like a Rookies & Stars knockoff, the design is still extremely clean and solid. The solid white background with the colorful player and faded design looks extremely well done. The thick card stock is extremely nice as well which makes it feel like a premium product when it isn’t exactly a premium product. Although you may argue it is just based on the number of cards in a pack. The different colored foil for the different parallels is a Panini staple and something I don’t mind either. This is a great looking product all around. Although in this review, I can’t say anything about the autographs.


The thing I don’t like the most about this product is kind of the set up and collation of the product. Over 200+ base cards in a product where you get 2 base cards per box? That’s a little…crazy. This product is nice enough looking all around where you would want to put a base set together. The large checklist makes this virtually impossible to do. There is alot a large number of rookie autographs which in itself isn’t bad as you can find a ton of different rookies. But it also takes a hit on the…


For $55 you will get a box of this product. However, the 86 different rookie autographs and the smaller number of veteran autographs are really where the value lies. And the large number of players you can possibly pull makes this one extreme gamble. A gamble that would have gone terrible in my box break. I received a redemption of Nathan Enderle, backup QB for the Bears. Recent sales of this redemption have not hit $2. So this is definitely going to be hit or miss as it seems like that kind of product. I would almost recommend either making this a bigger product with say 3 autographs a pack and raise the price or make this a rookie only product and market it similar to Topps Magic football.


This overall is rounded up from 3.8. As I stated in my preview, it’s like a mix of Topps Inception and Panini Limited. If you want to take the gamble, go for it. But you may hit big with a great rookie or veteran autograph, or end up like me. While it’s a cheaper gamble than other products out there, the one autograph from a large number of possibilities makes it that gamble. But there is no way anyone should really complain about the design, it’s clear and actually quite good. The thick card stock just makes it that much nicer. But if you pull a top rookie or veteran, you’re pretty good in all aspects.

Thanks again to Panini America for providing this box for review. You can check them out on their official website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else on the internet.

Not shown: Redemption for Nathan Enderle Rookie Signatures Gold