Preview: 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball

Oh, what a year.

do, do do, do do

Topps’ set back in ’63! What a very special time for me! I remember what a year!

Okay, I don’t remember anything about 1963, but really…if you do, you weren’t really there. Actually, my mother was 4 and my father was 2. I’m pretty sure I was nothing more then two children living 15 miles apart who could barely put together a sentence and hardly knew each other existed.

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t other things going on in the world, like Topps baseball cards.

2012 Topps Heritage baseball is helping you relive those years and those cards by bringing back that design with today’s players. With a nice 500 card set, it will be fun to put together for those who really love that old school design. And just like the ’63 set, you will find you veterans, rookies, and even manager cards.

Each hobby box will have 24 packs of cards will include 1 autograph and 1 relic card. The autographs will feature some players who were actually in the 1963 set, as well as current players and past stars. You can find the checklist here.

A nice inclusion is a little tribute to John F. Kennedy, the U.S. President assassinated in 1963. These will replace some of the World Series cards and will feature coins, stamps, and other variation cards that pay homage to our former fallen leader.

So check it out comes March 14, 2012, for around $70, and relive those nights back in 1963.