Save the Card Shops, in collaboration with collectors around the world, have come up with ways to help improve your hobby shops to promote more customers and more business. By using these detailed guides, you will be able to more effectively market your business and sell more products.

I invite collectors to chime in on their thoughts in the comment sections under each guide with their ideas to share with hobby shops.

Introduction to the Save the Card Shops Campaign

Utilizing Social Media For Your Card Shop

Ways to Improve Your Card Shops Sales Using the Internet and Your Storefront

Marketing Your Card Shop: In-Store Activities

How I Would Run a Card Shop (early post)

2 Responses to Save the Card Shops

  1. Erik WIle says:

    I like the idea of card shops and I remember when I was younger and I went to them. Always a good trip and fun with friends. I haven’t been in the US for awhile, so I’m not sure how much it has changed, but I remember seeing them closing around my hometown in about 2001 and 2002.

    I’ve heard of virtual sets being released and I wonder how that will change things if it becomes common….

  2. Harry Patterson says:

    Get rid of up crap that would inmprove shops. I used to collect hockey and ud dosent give any incentive to buy hobby. ud 13-14 series 1 hobby yields in hand 0 rookies and 1 jersey over retail while prizm yields 10 rookies and 2 autographs over their retail boxes, thats how much ud cares about the people who support their local shop and any shop ud has not put out of business.

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