Preview: 2011 Topps Marquee Baseball

This year Topps has brought another new product to the table in 2011 Topps Marquee baseball and so far, it looks very nice.

Every box will contain 4 packs at 5 cards per pack. Every pack will have a hit and according to Topps they will all be “premium” hits.

The hits per box will be:

  • One on-card autograph
  • One autographed multi-relic card
  • One jumbo relic card
  • One quad relic card

The only thing that bothers me about these “premium” hits is the actual relics themselves. Topps has had a history of putting in one color jerseys in their higher end products. Topps considers this box to be a “mid-end” product when in reality the majority of us will consider it high-end. This product is going to be $200 for a box or $50 a pack. Who in the world is that “mid-end” to? Maybe to actual Topps executives, not to the every day collector. This is a high-end product and should be treated as such.

There will be single and dual on-card autographs which look great from the sell sheets. Another thing that bothers me is Topps adding in non-baseball autographs in premium products like this. Remember Topps Co-Signers and their boxing autographs and others? No one was happy to pull one of those autographs unless they could sell it for a ton of money. Included in this product will be Manny Pacquiao autographs which some baseball purists won’t be happy with. Personally, I’d be happy pulling one if I could sell it for a decent price because I don’t care about pulling a Pacquiao, but to each their own.

The triple relics and autographed triple relics are the ones that scare me. As I mentioned above if there is all single color jerseys in this product, again, Topps has something to work on. There are patch versions of these cards and it appears these are only 1 of 1 versions. That is unacceptable in a product at this price. It kind of sounds like Triple Threads to me. The jumbo jerseys look multi-colored which is nice, but you’re bound to find more than one color in a relic as large as that.

Finally, the base cards look slick and solid as Topps usually provides in this type of product.

But the best hits will come at an odds of 1 per case. Never will you have to worry about dinged corners on a high end product again. Museum Collection features an on-card autograph with a metal frame around the edges. I’m assuming the checklist for these cards is extremely nice and they are numbered to just 10. It’s something different that definitely looks very nice and would be a welcome addition to any collection.

You can have your chance at these cards when they drop into stores on August 24, 2011.

You can find a 2011 Topps Marquee checklist here to see the possibilities.

Ichiro number one…any complaints?


Preview: 2010-11 Panini National Treasures Basketball

Today’s Panini Peek of 2010-11 Panini Treasures Basketball is the official preview of the next installment of National Treasures basketball. And so far, it definitely looks like an improvement from last year.

The first thing I notice is there is no photos of any manufactured patches with autographs on them. For a high end product, that is something a lot of people don’t want to see and the fact that it doesn’t appear to be back this year already makes this product an improvement. Thank you Panini for listening to the collector’s comments about those. While there is no official sell sheet out yet, I don’t know if that is completely true, it’s just something I haven’t seen. If they make a comeback I will of course say it’s a bad idea and how I think a high end product should not feature those. But right now, it looks like they aren’t in the product from all of the Panini previews of cards in this product.

Panini National Treasures basketball will feature again the best rookies in the game as well as the best veterans and retired players the game has ever seen. With a case hit roster with autographs such as Kobe, Dr. J, Magic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Larry Bird you will have a great chance of pulling a legend of the game. Also these may be paired with awesome memorabilia pieces such as the popular logoman parallel or the laundry tag parallel from the player’s jersey. Did I mention there will be some Wilt Chamberlain memorabilia cards inserted? This product is loaded with great stuff.

The design this year is a lot cleaner then last year and it looks sharp. With a ton of on-card autographs this year, the design is definitely improving and will definitely be something to look forward to this year. As always you will find Panini exclusive players like Kobe, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Durant in this product with on-card autographs. Couple that with the other awesome hits mentioned above and there is plenty of nice hits to go around.

With subsets like dual/triple autographs, dual logoman, cut signatures, legends autographs, and colossal patch autographs this is really the high end set for the high end collector.

Panini National Treasures basketball usually features the biggest memorabilia pieces, the biggest names, and the biggest rookies of the year in their product making it a great product to invest and collect from. Some of the best cards of the basketball year are in this product and it looks to be another great product from Panini this year.

This product is set to arrive in August and should be around the same price as in the past around $400 for 1 pack with 8 cards per pack.

Let’s see a nice dual logoman of the future NBA Champions…

Want to see some more National Treasures from Panini?

How about some cut autographs ready to go in the product?

Okay, okay, more pretty pictures of cards to be in your box!

Can’t stop linking autographs, won’t stop linking autographs!

Panini is hand-collating the boxes and has video to prove it!

More autographs…my face is rocked.

33 Must see images from this product!

Sports Card Blog Contest #1 Results Show

*cue the fancy music*

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Sports Card Blog Contest #1 Results Show!


Thank you, thank you. You are far too kind. But this is really about the nominees! All 31 of you had your chance to win fabulous prizes! 3 of you will go home with fancy prizes courtesy of Sports Card Blog. But first, we have a live performance by Blink-182!

Now I hear they are working on a new album so stay tuned to some other site for more information!


We’d like to take this time to honor a great entertainer who we lost recently, Mr. Macho Man Randy Savage. In honor of Mr. Macho Man we are taking Diamond King’s idea and the name of the wheel for this contest is:

“The Macho Man Randy Savage Memorial Wheel O’ Prizes”

Please take a moment of silence for Mr. Macho Man.


Before we go to the drawing, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made this possible. Me. Go me! And I’d like to thank the viewers who spend their time reading Sports Card Blog. We couldn’t have done it without you! *sheds a tear*

Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for…the drawing…live on video! (previously recorded) It’s way too long of a video for what it is but we need to fill air time!


Winners will be contacted by the email they provided. Please post your acceptance speeches in the comments.

May the mojo be with you all! Thank you and goodnight!

*standing ovation*


Contest #1 Is Closed

The contest is now closed. And with 31 total entries that means we are giving away 3 prizes.

I’m doing some slight modifications to the prize wheel Monday, so hopefully I’ll be able to spin it up. The bolt in the back is a little small in length for the locking nut to fit with the washers so it keeps getting too tight or too loose which makes the spinning uneven. I just need the materials and hopefully I get a chance to pick them up.

I’ll be doing more mods soon, but I was excited to get it out there for this weekend in celebration.

Good luck everyone.

I will be doing the randomization video with the winners spin video at the same time.


Basics of Group Breaks

I’m just going to state this now and get it out of the way. I love group breaks.

What is better then paying a fraction of the price of a box or case and having the possibility of getting a huge hit? It’s like gambling on gambling. It’s like trying to win the lottery of the person who is going to win the lottery. Except you usually actually get something in the end instead of a garbage piece of paper….well hopefully you don’t end up with garbage.

Group breaks are fun for the people breaking and fun for the breaker. It’s fun for the breaker because you get to rip packs and see what is inside. We all know the reason we love ripping packs is to see what is inside and hiding behind that foil wrapping, or in some cases clear wrapping (which makes no sense). It’s drama at its finest.

So basically there are several types of group breaks. Pick Your Team, Random Team, Pick Your Spot Draft, Random Draft, and Yankee Swap*. (*Yankee Swap may not really exist)

  • Pick Your Own Team is just that. You pick your own team. Sometimes some teams are priced higher based on possible good cards and sometimes they aren’t. Usually the most popular teams will go first so it just depends how fast you are if you get that spot.
  • Random Team is everyone in the group break is put in a randomizer with the teams. Random teams, random person gets the teams. Sometimes there is a combination of Pick Your Team and Random Team.
  • Pick Your Spot Draft is when there are draft slots with each slot significantly priced higher the closer to the first pick you go. That person at the top of the draft picks first all the way down. Sometimes people will snake the draft and sometimes it will go back to the top.
  • Random Draft is a card draft, but the top pick on down is randomized. Again, there is an option for snakes. SNAKES IN A DRAFT!

Those are the four main types of breaks. Occasionally you will find other variants like League Division or something like that. All these are good and fun ways to spend your money.

But you want to spend your money with a trustworthy source. We all DO NOT want to be in a group break like the recent happenings on YouTube with callofhockeybeast. This is fairly recent but the low down is this. The kid hid a hit behind a decoy while showing the contents of the pack. This is a one hit per pack product, we know he hid it and we could see the corner of the card hidden. First off, this kid should be blacklisted. Second, you want to know how to avoid these things.

My first rule for avoiding bad group breaks is stick with the trading sites. CloutsnChara and Sports Card Forum are the two trading sites I use most for group breaks. These can only be run by the staffers on those respective sites. The odds of getting scammed are the least on those sites. They just wouldn’t risk their reputation. I’m sorry if other sites have staff only group breaks but I don’t know of others. Blowout often has group breaks run by it’s members, but there are less problems on sites that only allow staff to run the breaks.

My second rule for avoiding bad group breaks is to stay away from YouTube. There is absolutely no protection for YouTube group breaks. The person could just take your money and run or pull the old scammer switch-a-roo. I’m not going to detail how to scam someone by the old scammer switch-a-roo because I don’t want to give anyone ideas, but trust me, it’s possible. I know all the possible ways people can be burned, I spend way too much time thinking about how I could be burned in any deal where there is no protection guaranteed.

My third rule for avoiding bad group breaks is always join group breaks done on BlogTV or UStream…something live. If they are just recording a box break who is to say they didn’t switch boxes on you? (Version of the switch-a-roo scam) You need it to be live with someone, preferably most, involved with the group break for verification it’s on the up and up. A YouTube video of you opening the box won’t cut it anymore. This is a cut-throat hobby and some people will do anything to get ahead in the end.

My final rule for avoiding bad group breaks is the most important rule….and that is to do your research. Pick someone who has a proven track record of sincerity and trustworthy actions in several sites or communities. There are several bloggers, eBay, and YouTube people who are great. You just have to do your research. Check your prices, check the persons background by their username on several sites, look into as much as you can. If you don’t you’ll be paying for it in the end.

So, I love talking about group breaks and having fun with them. There are several going on right now across the blogosphere. I Am Joe Collector is taking spots, A Cardboard Problem is holding one, and I think Nachos Grande is holding one too. All legit and great group breakers from what I’ve seen.

I’d also like to hold one if anyone is interested. You want your background information on me? 200 feedback on Sports Card Forum, 53 on eBay, and a couple scattered over other trading sites. I would just like to gauge the interest level. If it’s really high, I’ll get one posted ASAP. If not, well we can always try again later. If you are interested post a comment and your favorite sport to break. Simple.

So there is your guide to group breaks. I hope this helps you stay informed and get the best for your money.