Good Cause Breaks

There are things in life that are bigger than collecting sports cards. That’s why Sports Card Blog has taken up an initiative started by Sports Card Radio. But we are going to put our own spin on it.

We will designate a few breaks every now and then as a “Good Cause Break”. These breaks will be products that we will review with the major contents sold and the proceeds will go towards a pre-chosen charity.

We will list the breaks in which were chosen as a “Good Cause Break” below with the amount raised for that charity.

2011 Panini Limited Baseball – Raised $100 (with a matching donation) for the National MS Society.

One Response to Good Cause Breaks

  1. Mike Smith says:

    GREAT IDEA, I LOVE IT!! Why not try helping individuals instead of groups?? It seems like everybody donates to these charities yet none of it ever gets seen by those who need it the most!!! Just a thought….I love the idea!!!

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