NFL Week 3 SCB Rookie of the Week

With a wild week 3 of games, some for better reasons than others, there were a ton of standouts on both offense and defense this week. With solid play from a ton of rookies, it was a difficult pick for our NFL Rookie of the Week.

Our pick had to be T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts. The wide receiver had a great performance in the loss to the Jaguars. He was able to haul in four passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. Despite the team not being able to pull out a victory, he stepped up with the loss of Austin Collie and should be getting more targets the rest of the season.

This is his 2012 Topps Platinum autographed rookie card. After a big game like that, his card prices have jumped a bit, and there should be a little more ceiling in his cards if he puts up another big week. The Austin Collie situation also gives this more room to move up, so grab them up now in case he has another big week.

NFL Week 1 & 2 SCB Rookies of the Week

I wanted to start this little segment after the NFL Week 1 games, however, I’ve been just so busy with things it was put on the back burner. This was an idea from a reader of the blog that he would want to see and I can see the appeal.

Week 1 SCB Rookie of the Week: Robert Griffin III

It’s an obvious choice for Week 1 Rookie of the Week. It has to go to RGIII. The dynamic quarterback was able to throw for 320 yards in his first NFL game with two touchdown passes. He was also able to scamper for 42 yards on the ground in leading the Redskins to victory over the Saints. His rookie card prices were already sky high before the season even began, but with a convincing performance like that it justified the price paid by all those collectors out there.

Week 2 SCB Rookie of the Week: Trent Richardson

Week 2 was a tougher choice for who takes the crown as the rookie of the week. Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Andrew Luck all did well in leading their teams to victory, but Trent did a lot of damage on the ground despite the Hogs’ loss. 109 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown is great for the rookie’s second game, but he also added 36 yards and another touchdown through the air. Trent’s showcasing his strong legs and good hands, that’s bad news for opposing defenses and good news for card collectors.

Hopefully we will keep this as a weekly thing, showcasing the best performances by NFL rookies each week.


Aloha! Card of the Day: 2011 Topps Triple Threads Shane Victorino Autograph Jersey

Aloha and mahalo for visiting Sports Card Blog today. Tonight, we are on location on the beautiful island of Maui to get some needed rest and relaxation. Well, not really. A great friend of mine is getting married in a few days and I need to be there by his side while he gets married. So here I am, sitting just far enough to barely hear the waves at my hotel.

So when I think of Hawaii sports, I think of players that have come all the way from the islands to play professional sports. The first player I think of is Major League Baseball player Shane Victorino, also know as the Flyin’ Hawaiian. And I know a ton of people give Topps crap for some of the words they put on Triple Threads cards, but this one they did right. “Flyin’ Hawaiian” is the perfect nickname for the speedster and the perfect thing to put on his trading card.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Triple Threads in general, but the next release of the product comes out in a couple weeks. I have a preview for it coming soon, so stay tuned on that. Just hopefully this year Topps stopped with the corny words they are cutting into the cards for the relics.

My First Auto Pull From Retail

Now I’ve been purchasing retail packs and blasters for a long time now. From back when I was little to even today, purchasing retail packs is the easy way to get your sports card fix when you just want to open some packs or work on a base set.

I’ve pulled numerous game used cards from blasters before. Most recently, I pulled a Cal Ripken Jr. bat card from Gypsy Queen. Some blasters even contain guaranteed game used cards now so that doesn’t make it too difficult. But I’ve never pulled an autograph from retail packs. Maybe it’s bad luck or everything I open seems to be pack searched.

But the other day I bought a rack pack of 2012 Topps Chrome on a whim. I like Chrome over the flagship set as it holds its value better, looks better, and the inserts are nicer. So I thought, let’s take a look and see what Chrome has to offer.

Then in one of my packs…

2012 Topps Chrome Ryan Lavarnway autograph. Not only is it my first autograph from retail, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve hit a Red Sox autograph that will go straight into my personal collection.

On a bonus note, Ryan Lavarnway used to play for the Manchester Silkworms in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. My brother also used to play for that team in the same league. I believe he played the year before Lavarnway though. Manchester, Connecticut, is right next to the towns that I used to live in growing up, so it’s nice seeing someone local, although he’s originally from California, make it to the big leagues and to the Red Sox.

It definitely makes it another reason why this should stay in my personal collection.

Man Cave Memorabilia Addition

As everyone should now know, my temporary leave of absence from updating my blog was due to my wedding and honeymoon. One of the great opportunities from those two things is to get gifts, and my relatives know what I like.

But this item here was not a gift, nor was it even related to sports cards. It’s a great piece of memorabilia though that I thought would make a very cool addition to my man room to go along with my celebrity autographs. I had the opportunity to take in a show on my honeymoon cruise featuring a group that has toured around the world. They are part music, part comedy, and part blue. Yes, I was able to see Blue Man Group.

Now the memorabilia part of this is pretty cool. Due to me being as awesome as I am, I was able to obtain a piece of show used memorabilia from their live show.

Let me set the scene how this is made. There is a gumball machine with a bunch of paint balls inside. They pop one out and throw it across stage into the mouth of another Blue Man. They then pop the paint ball in their mouth and spray the paint on the canvas by blowing the paint from their mouth. They do a couple of lines and then spin the canvas and create a swirl in the middle. It’s a really cool piece of memorabilia art from one of the most recognized shows on the planet. Oh, the two little dots on the bottom corner are actually the signature of the Blue Man who created this.

I’m going to find a great poster to go with this or something of that nature.