Contest #7 Results

I needed to hold a Wheel O’ Awesome contest. The wheel is collecting dust and needs to be spun. Plus it will help me decide whether or not I need to make a new wheel.

The contest stated that you needed to guess which Major League Baseball game I attended in which a player hit for the cycle and who hit the cycle for what team. And….only one person guessed the correct game I attended in which someone hit for the cycle.

June 6, 1996, in Boston, Massachusetts, John Valentin of the Boston Red Sox hit for the cycle. I was sitting in roof box seats on the third base side where my cousin had season tickets. All game everyone was yelling and cursing at Bill Buckner who was a coach with the Chicago White Sox that year.

Also, in the first inning, Tim Naehring hit into an around the horn triple play.

I fondly remember Timmy hitting into that triple play with a hard ground ball to third and just hanging his head after he was called out at first. The other thing I remember was John Valentin hitting the double to complete the cycle and looking up at the center field scoreboard which stated “John Valentin has hit for the cycle!” while he was given a standing ovation. It was an amazing game with two very rare occurrences in one single game.

That was the last time a member of the Red Sox has hit for the cycle.

HockeyCard_Andy wins the contest as the only person to correctly guess the game. For some reason, everyone seemed to think it was the Bengie Molina cycle, however, it was not. I guess everyone (except for Andy) forgot about that other cycle at Fenway when I was 10 years old. Congratulations, I will be spinning the wheel on video for you in the coming days. I thank everyone else for guessing and stay tuned for more great contests and all the information your heads can handle.

Contest: Winner Gets Spin on Wheel O’ Awesome

I’m really antsy. I haven’t spun the Wheel O’ Awesome in quite some time. So here is a contest, no strings attached, a straight up guessing game.

I was at a Major League Baseball game in which a player hit for the cycle. Tell me the name of the player and the team he played for.

BONUS! What other strange event occurred during that game?

Winner receives a spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome. There are probably enough hints around this blog to help you figure this out.

Correct answers will be randomized. Answer the bonus question and get a bonus entry.

Contest ends on Sunday, August 14, 2011, at 10pm PST. I’ll be nice about this one and let you guess once per day.

Currently, the Wheel O’ Awesome has fabulous prizes you could win like an insert lot, a base lot, game used cards, autographed cards, autographed 8x10s, Fathead Tradeables, and a Mystery Box! Get your chance at glory by winning this contest. I’ll be promoting this contest once a day until it ends.

One Day I Will Attend the National

One day I will attend the National.

The meat and potatoes of the National in Chicago started today but I’ve been reading blog posts across the internet about companies and other bloggers going to the National. I first learned of the National in 2005ish when I first got back into card collecting and thought it would be amazing to go someday. Well, it’s 2011 and I still haven’t gone. But I am making it my personal goal to attend next year. I have a crappy job which pays crap and I have to start saving for my own wedding. But maybe I can pinch the pennies even more to be able to attend the National. Maybe I’ll start being one of those coupon addicts?

I mean, these blog posts and videos are just awesome. A ton of people, tons of beautiful cards, meet ups with people I’ve chatted with online for what seems like forever, and baseball games. I would probably go and not really buy much, but to me it’s more about the experience. I’d go visit the dealers and check out their beautiful cards and memorabilia, I’d stop by the social media groups and visit my friends at the various sports card forums I visit, and of course  stop by the manufacturer booths and chat it up with the likes of Tracy Hackler and Chris Carlin.

Afterwards, grab a drink with some people and start it all again the next day. I would feel like a kid in a carnival. Free swag, wrapper redemptions, historic memorabilia…what is there not to love? Even watching guys get arrested by the Postal Inspector police, those guys mean business.

It just seems like a great experience and a great time. I have a wedding fund, a blog fund, and I think it’s time to start a National fund so one day I will attend the National.

Anyone have some great National experiences to share with me?

Hope For Base Cards

You may have seen them at run down card shows. You may have seen them on eBay or someone trying to trade them to you. You may even have them in your own collection. Base cards. Basically, to many people who buy cards, base cards are the junk in the packs or boxes that aren’t game used or autographed cards and they end up in someone’s 10 cent box or even just left laying around, unprotected, on a shelf or in the garbage. Is there anyone out there to help these poor base cards?

Bring in the Base Card Foundation of America (BCFA). For only 18 cents per 9 (if you’re generous, 18) cards, you can keep these base cards protected. You can give your base cards a place to live, free from the possibilities of complete destruction by garbage fields, paper shredders, your dog, or even newbie collectors. Every day thousands of base cards are either destroyed or left unprotected by collectors all around the world.

You can do your part by working with the BCFA and getting protection for your base cards. It is only a small price to pay to protect and care for your base cards that someone may want to trade from you someday. Your purchases will be used by you to protect your cards and provide them a damage free site to linger until needed. That is why trading card pages are so important.

The BCFA reminds you to please, think of the Kidds.

(SCB Note: I am very tired from a long weekend and I’ll have my 2011 Panini Season Update basketball review up tomorrow. I hope this holds you until then.)

Gint-A-Cuffs III: Release the Kraken – Packs 16 – 20

Here we are, packs 16 – 20 of this 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter goodness. If you’ve read my review of Allen & Ginter you would have seen all the spoilers as I hit a nice card in this grouping. If not, you’re in for a sweet, sweet surprise. So let’s just get down to business. We last left at a robust 109 points…not doing too well.

Pack 16: (+25 points in pack, 133 points total)

Rickie Weeks, Colby Lewis, Jordan Zimmerman, Joey Votto (+2 OFP), Jason Heyward Baseball Highlight Sketches (+5 BHS and OFP), David DeJesus (+2 SP), Nick Markakis mini Ginter back (+15 AG SP and OFP), Neil Walker Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Pack 17: (+13 points in pack, 146 points total)

Ozzie Martinez, Eric Sogard, Joakim Soria (+2 OFP), Brian McCann, Adrian Gonzalez (+5 FT and MFP), Joe Mauer (+2 SP), Henri Grace A Dieu Floating Fortresses (+2 FF), Chris Coghlan mini Ginter back (+2 AG back)

Pack 18: (+6 points in pack, 152 points total)

Freddie Freeman, Jonathan Sanchez, Ben Zobrist, John Lackey (+1 FT), Fausto Carmona, Ascent of Man Reptiles (+1 AOM), Blue Whale Animals in Peril (+3 AIP), Corey Hart Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Pack 19: (+6 points in pack, 158 points total)

Kristi Yamaguchi, Stan Lee, Aaron Hill, Matt Garza, Starlin Castro (+2 OFP), Jake Peavy, Step Right Up Tight Rope Walking (+3 SRU), Ryan Howard Hometown Heroes (+1 HH)

Pack 20:  (+36 points in pack, 194 points total)

Brandon Snyder, Yonder Alonso, Victor Martinez, Matt Cain, Hunter Pence Rip Card (+34 Rip Card and OFP multiplier), Cliff Lee mini, Dustin Pedroia Hometown Heroes (+2 FT and HH)

Well that group of packs really stepped up my game for myself. It puts me right into contention with just 4 packs to go. Will I pull out some cards to put me in the lead, or will I fall flat on my face….see you for the next and final installment!