Jacoby Ellsbury is the 2011 AL MVP

Whether or not the voters agree or not is up in the air, but Tacoby Bellsbury (as I like to call him) has been the catalyst behind the Red Sox season. When they weren’t playing well at the beginning of the season he was there to try and get them out of their slump. When the Red Sox were hot during the summer months, Jacoby was still stealing bases, driving in runs, and getting on base. And now with the Red Sox reeling and possibly not even making the playoffs, Jacoby is there to bail them out with big hits in must win games.

My 2005 Jacoby Ellbury autographed rookie

Just today, Jacoby has become the first 30-30 player in Red Sox history. In the long history of the Boston Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury is the first player to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases in the same season. That is incredible in itself. But that’s not all, check these gaudy stats out:

.322 batting average (5th in AL)

103 RBIs (7th in AL)

31 home runs (5th in AL)

38 stolen bases (4th in AL)

117 runs (3rd in AL)

208 hits (3rd in AL)

.928 OPS (6th in AL)

Not only are his offensive numbers all around amazing, he has also not made an error this season in the field. 0 errors.

I know others may vote for Curtis Granderson, Adrian Gonzalez, or Justin Verlander. But Granderson doesn’t have the average, Adrian Gonzalez doesn’t set the table and make plays on the bases like Jacoby, and Verlander plays once every 5 days.

If you have a vote for 2011 AL MVP and don’t vote Jacoby Ellsbury first on your ballot, you don’t understand where the Red Sox would be without him batting lead off. The Red Sox wouldn’t be in this epic collapse because they wouldn’t be first in the wild card race.

Bad Sunday for My Teams

This Sunday was just a bad overall Sunday for my teams.

My Tampa Bay Buccaneers took the field for the first NFL game this season and proceeded to get beaten by the Detroit Lions. The last time these two teams played in Tampa last season, the Lions won as well, all but assuring the Buccaneers wouldn’t make the playoffs. I’ve had a lot of questions whether the Bucs defense would be able to step it up without Barrett Ruud in the middle. Matthew Stafford did have a great game and the Lions defense really contained the run causing the Bucs not to run much with LeGarrette Blount who ran for over 1000 yards in 13 games last season.

At least Mike Williams and Josh Freeman still have great chemistry. I was able to snag this today on CheckOutMyCards for just 85 cents. I love how shiny the card is and I love die-cuts so this was a perfect addition to my collection. (And he helped me in my Battle of the Bloggers Fantasy Football League)

Moving on to my other favorite team today, the Boston Red Sox lost another game to the Rays with their ace Jon Lester on the mound. It seems the Rays have the Red Sox number this year going 9-5 so far against the Sox and that doesn’t make me very happy. The Red Sox are a dreadful 2-8 in their last 10 and Tim Wakefield hopes to finally win game number 200 after an off day on Tuesday against the Blue Jays.

I notice when Adrian Gonzalez isn’t hitting, the Red Sox aren’t winning. So I picked up this Adrian Gonzalez card off CheckOutMyCards today for 30 cents in hopes that it might turn things around. Again, a nice, shiny card to add to my collection. I love all the shiny cards Topps has put out this year in baseball so I’ve been trying to get my hands on all the shiny Red Sox cards I can. Plus I have 3 Diamond Die-Cut Red Sox cards (Beckett, Youkilis, Buchholz) coming in the mail tomorrow, I hope.

So this Sunday was a bad day for my sports teams but a good day for picking up cards from my sports teams.

Just a friendly reminder, make sure to stay tuned to the blog this week as I will be revealing the season long NFL contest along with the fabulous prizes I have to give away to you guys who read this site. It should be awesome, so make sure you tell all of your friends to stop by this week a few times. Or don’t, that way you have a better chance to win the awesome stuff I will be giving away.

10 Years Later – September 11, 2011

I could talk about a lot of different things on this day.

I could talk about the effect of September 11th on NFL player Pat Tillman and talk about his trading cards in the process.

I could talk about the Patriots, Yankees, or anything else sports related that had some great stories after the September 11th attacks.

I could even not even mention anything about 10 years ago and focus on the first weekend of the 2011 NFL season and not letting those attacks of the past affect me today.

But instead I am not going to even talk about sports, sports cards, or anything like that in this post. I’m just going to ask that you take a moment of silence in remembrance of the innocent lives taken on that day and to reflect on your memories and what you can do to make the world a better place.

Every September 11th, I take the time to reflect on that day on my own personal level. I don’t watch the replays that the news often shows as it’s not something I would want to watch again. There is no reason they should be replaying these in the first place. But I take the time to look back at how that one event changed the world forever and what I could do to help change the world, or my country, for the better. I think that day was around the turning point in my life where I wanted to learn criminology and anti-terrorism in college instead of meteorology. And now, I’m working to get a job where I can use that education in helping our country and the world.

We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming either later today or tomorrow. I just felt like I couldn’t completely ignore the significance of the date.


Say Hello to 711cards.com

This post is not a paid advertisement.

Everyone, please say hello to 711cards.com!

711cards.com and I have an agreement to place a banner for his card shop over on the right side. Despite them paying to be there, I am going to give you an honest review of their shop after speaking with the owner.

Some of you may not believe what I have to say because I am getting paid to put their ad on the side, however, there was no provision for me to write anything about them, I am choosing to do this myself.

711cards.com is dedicated to giving you the lowest prices on the net for sports card boxes and sports card cases. Just visit their site at any of these links and check out some of their products that they have for sale. All prices are extremely competitive and low, some are even lower or on par with Blowout!

While I haven’t personally bought any cards from them, so I can’t attest to their service, I have spoken with the owner and he seems like a great guy. With prices that low, I would give them a chance with your business as some of those prices you can’t beat anywhere.

So check out our newest advertiser if you are looking for a new place to buy your sports cards. I don’t get any commission or anything so I’m just doing this myself. If you do buy anything from them, let me know how your service was and I’ll share it with the hobby community.

One Week Until 2010-11 Panini Dominion Hockey

Finally, the wait is coming to an end.

2010-11 Panini Dominion hockey is set to hit store shelves on September 14, 2011. The biggest debut of the season is about to unfold. Will it end up like Jeff Skinner and win the rookie of the year award? Or will it end up being like Taylor Hall who showed glimpses of greatness only to get injured in a stupid play? (Yes, I am bitter about that.)

I’m still betting on the former. Like Jeff Skinner, this product has pulled out all the stops in order to make it contend with the best. While The Cup has released to great fanfare and non-stop breaks, Panini should see the same hype and number of boxes opened. I mean, have you been following the Panini America blog and have been seeing all these glimpses of Panini Dominion? Look at this one:

Or this one:

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. It’s not just the pain meds for the kidney stones.

How can you not like these? Amazing patches and probably one of the nicest book cards I have ever seen. If all of these images put out by Panini are what is in the majority of their beautiful blue Dominion wooden boxes, it is sure to not disappoint many. Of course there are some who may not get big pulls, but if they are as beautiful as some of these, it won’t matter too much.

I’m still working on trying to get a box of this product so I can have a head to head box break against The Cup, which should be here tomorrow. If I can, you can expect an epic battle on video between the two products with punches thrown, riots everywhere, and fire. Well, maybe not most of those, but you will have the most in depth review of both products head to head. So keep your fingers crossed.

Until then, keep watching the Panini blog as I’m sure there will be more goodness posted. Or if you haven’t seen my other posts about The Cup or Dominion and some of the other posts comparing the two, make sure you check those out. (Yeah, I’ve written alot!)