Hobby Warning: 2011 Topps Inception Cam Newton 1/1 Auto Altered

This is going to blow some of your minds, especially you high end rookie collectors out there.

I was browsing some sports card forums today and saw something I thought I would never see, although it doesn’t surprise me. The “holy grail” of 2011 Topps Inception cards, the 1/1 Cam Newton autographed rookie, had been sold on eBay. When the buyer received the card, he noticed something a little strange on the corner.

After further inspection, the person who sold him this card for $1300 had taken a black sharpie and attempted (poorly) at coloring in the corners of this card as it may had been chipped or had a bum corner coming out of the pack.

Why someone would do this to a card is unfathomable, especially a card of that value. Obviously he was trying to get an extra buck. From what I understand it’s some idiot kid. This same idiot kid runs group breaks as well on eBay.

Sports Card Blog recommends you never buy anything from nicksellsgamesncards on eBay or iamboxbreaks as this seller can’t be trusted for obvious reasons.

It’s a shame that such a great card will forever be tarnished by someone taking a sharpie to the corners.

You can see the buyer airing this information and his complaints at this link right here.

The 2011-12 Hockey Season is Underway

With every team now having played a game for this 2011-12 NHL season, we can now sit back and watch the new teams, new players, and new story lines unfold throughout the season. As a sports card collector, the first thing I think of is all the new rookie cards that will be coming out soon.

The NHL rules when it comes to rookie cards work like this. If you are a skater, as soon as your skates hit ice you are eligible to be on a licensed trading card. If you are a goalie, if you are sitting on the bench and active you are eligible to be on a licensed trading card.

So with all the rookies hitting the ice the past few nights like Cody Hodgson (actually got some time last year), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Adam Larsson (amongst others) will finally have their rookie cards made and inserted into products. You better believe that Panini and Upper Deck already had cards designed and ready to be printed for some of these top rookies. Some probably even printed beforehand for autographs.

My personal favorite rookie this season is the number one pick in the NHL Draft, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Edmonton Oilers. Being a part-time Oilers fan (Hurricanes will always be number one since they were the Whalers) I am excited to see RNH in products. I wasn’t lucky enough to pull any Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Paajarvi, or even Jeff Skinner cards in 2010-11 products, so I’m hoping I can pull some RNH this year.

Who is your favorite rookie you are looking forward to collecting this NHL season?

Here are some rookie autographs ready to go out from Panini.

A big congrats to RNH for scoring his first goal in his first NHL game!

Hobby Warning: FanBro Scam

FanBro is a site that started about 9 months ago which loads a bunch of sports news and information on it’s page and has an area for sports cards.

They lure new and veteran collectors in with their giveaways and then continue to get you to visit with these types of giveaways every week. When they first started, they gave away free “packs” of cards to people who joined. By “packs” I mean handmade packs in which they made themselves. Not terribly bad, but there has been reports by people that they never received these packs. Some people did receive these packs though.

More recently, they have created their own “mystery box” products in which they handmade their own boxes of repackaged cards. They included such product hits as signed baseballs and autographs from players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Ted Williams, and Mickey Mantle.

But there have been several reports of people not receiving their boxes they ordered. There has also been several reports of people pulling these “redemptions” for autographed memorabilia from some of those big names and FanBro not sending them out. People have been filing PayPal claims left and right trying to get their money back.

The owner has been seen giving out personal information of customers in public, publicly lying about customers, deleting all their videos on YouTube, and treating customers like trash.

There has been posts by several people across the hobby communities like the Blowout Cards forums, Sports Card Forum, and even FanBro’s own forums. Here is an example from the Beckett Forums (they deleted it, but Google cache still has it). I refuse to even link to this site as I do not want others to get scammed like some of these other people have. So if you happen to visit a site called FanBro, beware as there has been a lot of scamming going on by the owners. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to step up and file a lawsuit against them or file charges with the FBI.

Sports Card Blog recommends you STAY AWAY from FanBro. I’m halfway expecting them to retaliate by making stuff up about this site because it seems to be something they would do to someone calling them out.

(Edit: This just keeps on getting better. Click the Blowoutcards forums link above for new information with the people at FanBro holding their “autographed baseball” hostage for someone to change their negative story about FanBro.)

More information from the Blowout forums is coming to light.

EA Games Should Buy Upper Deck

I was just thinking about this the other day. I want to note that I know nothing about business or any of that mumbo jumbo and just know what I’ve been told and what I can see with my blind eyes.

But I think EA Games should buy Upper Deck. Why?

EA Games is well known for it’s video games, especially in their sports franchises. EA makes a killing on their video games as they have had a “monopoly” on their football franchise and put out solid games year after year in their hockey franchises. I won’t comment about EA Sports and basketball, but every company has that one area they aren’t great in.

Upper Deck is well known for it’s great hockey products and solid college products while having the exclusive rights to several high level sports players including Tiger Woods (EA Cover Athlete), Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky (EA Cover Athlete), and several legendary hockey players which are featured in the new EA Sports NHL 12 like Gordie Howe.

I also understand from some sources that Upper Deck hasn’t been doing too well financially since the Yu-Gi-Oh! debacle, losing professional licenses with the NFL, MLB, and NBA, and the suing and counter-suing of themselves. I’ve also seen people at Upper Deck getting laid off. It’s sad that a company like Upper Deck is going through all these issues.

If EA Games bought Upper Deck, could we see the start of a new revolution at Upper Deck or sports cards in general? Imagine what these sports games, which already make a ton of money, could do for the sports card industry. We’ve already seen the virtual Upper Deck cards in NHL 12 and Madden unlocking virtual cards. Even in Madden 12, Panini has inserted autographed cards into Hall of Fame edition copies of the game. And from secondary sales, it looks like these are doing pretty well.

Face it, the people who could be collecting cards these days are more interested in video games and types of media and entertainment that can keep their minds occupied. Kids would rather sit at their Playstation 3 or XBOX 360 and play the latest sports games or shooter games then sit down and open up some packs of trading cards with their friends. I know there is some promotion of sports cards in these games, I see an Upper Deck logo every time I play NHL 12 on my Playstation 3. But unless you play the HUT mode, who actually knows what Upper Deck is? Combining these two companies could bring a cross promotion that would showcase sports cards to people who are already interested in sports since they are playing a sports video game.

While it may be a far-fetched idea and may not work financially or may not work at all, it’s an interesting thought that I had the other night.

My Encounter with the World’s Largest Trading Card

I was traveling back home to Connecticut a couple of weeks ago to watch my very good friend marry the woman of his dreams. Such a good friend in fact, he is going to be my best man when I get married in August 2012.

My fiancee and I were staying at my mother’s apartment in Connecticut for a few days, so we were trying to think of something fun to do that wasn’t too far away. There’s the aquarium about an hour away down in Mystic, the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, but I thought it was time to pay a visit to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. Plus it was only 30 minutes away.

I hadn’t been there for ages. Probably about 15 years ago when I was 7 or 8 at the time.

Little did I know, the Hall of Fame was the residence of the world’s largest trading card, made by Panini. Now I’m 6’8″ tall, this thing is taller than I am. It features Kobe Bryant on the front with a full front side of one of Kobe’s game used jerseys embedded into the card. It also has Kobe’s autograph, on card. There isn’t a sticker big enough for this card.

It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to the Hall of Fame seeing this trading card because if you collect cards, wouldn’t you want to have this card for your collection?


Of course, we took in all the other sites and activities the Basketball Hall of Fame had to offer as well. We checked out all the cool artifacts and read about the history of basketball in the Ring of Honor and all around the Hall, played virtual basketball against Jason Kidd, tried our best to imitate SportsCenter, and showcased our shooting and rebounding skills on the court in the Hall.

In all, it was definitely a good time. But being a collector and seeing that trading card was definitely high up on the list of cool things I saw.