Sports Card Blog NFL Player of the Day Promotion – Sponsored by Panini

Well, if you’ve been reading the blog and following me on Facebook and Twitter I told you I had something big up my sleeve.

Sports Card Blog has been selected as one of the few hobby blogs out there to run the 2011 NFL Player of the Day Promotion – Sponsored by Panini America. I guess that means I am kinda a big deal? Like Ron Burgundy I will lead you as your anchorman…but I will be giving out fabulous prizes for those who participate.

Now, I just have a list of the prizes right now as they aren’t in hand yet, and won’t be in hand until next week. But let’s just say they are fantastic. Here are some of the prizes that I will be giving away:

-Autographed mini helmet

-Box of Prestige football

-Panini Black Box

-NFL Player of the Day autographed card

-Bobble heads, NFL Player of the Day T-Shirts, NFL Player footballs, NFL Player of the Day card sets, pennants…and apparently there is even more goodies available for me to give out that they aren’t telling me.

So as you can see, this thing is going to be loaded with great things for you to win. When the box of goodies arrives, I will post a ton of pictures and videos showing off the goodies I have available to give away.

So this is how things will be run. The promotion will run from today, September 15, 2011, until November 30, 2011. So this promotion will run from Week 2 of the NFL season until Week 12. There will be 11 contests. Each contest entered will give you at least one point in the standings. If you do well in the contest, you will get more points. We will have weekly winners, 3 monthly winners, and a grand prize winner. The prize structure for the monthly and grand prizes will work like this:

September Winner – Autographed mini helmet (Michael G.)

October Winner – Box of Panini NFL Stickers and Jordan Todman Jumbo 5×7 autograph (Jay R.)

November Winner – Box of 2011 Panini Threads football

Grand Prize Winner – Panini Black Box

Weekly prizes will be announced with the contests.

The first contest for Week 2 of the NFL season will be posted at 9AM EST. Since I am traveling these next couple of days, everything will be posted automatically.

So get ready for awesome NFL action and some great prizes from Sports Card Blog and Panini America trading cards. Check back later for the first contest!

Week 1 Contest Link

Week 2 Contest Link

Week 3 Contest Link

Week 4 Contest Link

Week 5 Contest Link

Week 6 Contest Link

Week 7 Contest Link

Week 8 Contest Link

Week 9 Contest Link

Week 10 Contest Link

Thanksgiving Edition

Week 11 Finale Contest Link

Just added! Those who do not win anything over the course of the promotion will be entered to receive one of three Panini mystery packs put together by me! Just a way to say thank you for checking out the official Panini NFL Player of the Day site and joining this promotion.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I’m a little bit under the weather. We’ll just say that I have things in my body trying to escape and it’s very painful. Very small, but very sharp things.

So tonight I am letting you know I have some things coming up that you just don’t want to miss. Starting week 2 of the NFL season, we will have some big, big things going on here at Sports Card Blog.

So if you are not visiting this blog around September 15th, you will be missing out on the start of some big things that will be going on throughout the entire 2011 NFL season. You won’t want to miss it. I will be giving away some of the best prizes you have ever seen, including a huge prize!

Stay tuned for more information right before the Week 2 games.

Sports Card Blog is Updated!

That’s right! Sports Card Blog is now updated!

I have finished moving everything to the new self-hosted servers which will give me more options in terms of what I want to do with the site. I may add a couple ads here and there, where they aren’t very noticeable. I also don’t have to worry about the sponsorship issue anymore so if you want a male demographic between 16-50 to see your company, I will sell out and sell you some space. (Hah!)

Other than that, I have slightly redesigned the site. You can now hover over the “Previews” and “Reviews” tabs to pick a sport you would like to read about. The Previews section isn’t done yet, but I’ll be working on that.

The logo at the top isn’t done yet either, there is a lot of empty space up there. I think a clean design is in order, maybe just a nice blue stripe across the middle or something like that? What do you think? Maybe create an initial logo? Or do you like it the way it is? I really like the ice blue and grey look though. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Other than that, it will be back to business as usual starting either later tonight or tomorrow, depending on what time allows me to do. Thanks for sticking with me through the changing of the servers and hope to see you around some more now that I can do some better things. I also have a great idea for those who like group breaks but I haven’t decided on whether to pull the trigger on that or not yet.

Until then, may the mojo be with you!

Server Move in Progress

As I mentioned, I apologize for the down time while I move servers. I’m currently waiting for propagation on my end to make it go back to normal. My phone is propagated, but PC is not.

We will be back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.

Edit: It may not look pretty right now, but all the content has been moved over. I’m going to be messing with a bunch of different designs until I find one I like. I was getting sick of the old design anyway.

More Edits: While I’m fiddling with that, it’s time for some organizational changes.