Revamping Rating System

I am in the process of revamping the rating system to include half star ratings. This is due to me being indecisive about ratings and generally rounding up. In order to keep my ratings more accurate to my opinion, I’m including these half star ratings.

In the process of deciding this, I will be doing two things:
– Redesigning the rating graphics (done)
– Updating all reviews to include half star ratings (Gonna take awhile)

So the Reviews pages are going to look a little bit off until I move everything over to the new, much better looking, rating system.

You can see the first product with the new rating system hit the blog in the early morning tomorrow with 2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia.

Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Update

The goods are in for the Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day contests!

A big box of goodies arrived at my front door last night with all the great prizes I will be giving away. With that, I decided to change things up a little bit as far as how the contest works. I want to give everyone a chance to win at least something “big” so I’m going to divide the prizes over the three month period and have a final prize. The prize structure will look like this for the big prizes:

September Monthly winner – Autographed mini-helmet
October Monthly winner – Box of Panini NFL stickers and jumbo Jordan Todman autograph
November Monthly winner – Hobby box of Panini Threads football
Combined points over all 3 months winner – Panini Black Box

I think this way gives everyone the chance to win one of the big prizes no matter when you started joining the contests.

So saying that, we will consider the September monthly winner the current leader of the standings, who is Michael G! He will be receiving the autographed mini helmet! Congratulations to Michael G!

The points will carry over towards the Black Box grand prize, however, the monthly standings will be reset for the rest of October. That gives everyone a blank slate for this month’s prize which starts this Sunday with these Week 4 entries and goes until the last game in October.

I still have some more great stuff to give away including a bobble head, pennants, more t-shirts, and tons of cards! So stay tuned all October and November!

First Month Review of

I have been using my own hosting service for one month now. Going from a free WordPress blog to a self hosted blog was something I wanted to do so I could try and make a little pocket money for my hobby and work with other companies a little bit more.

I had heard of from several friends and decided to give it a try. Boy, were they right. HostGator has been great for me. It has great speed for my blog, great tools to run my blog effectively, and great customer service.

I was wondering why my blog wasn’t up and running after the transfer and I filed a ticket. I didn’t know much about pointing domains to a different host, but the HostGator staff told me how it worked and advised that everything was working just fine, I just needed to wait on the internet pretty much. They were right, a couple of hours later I was able to see my site no problem. I felt like an idiot since it was something that happened to everyone if they changed their servers, but they really helped me out on that one.

I would recommend to anyone looking to host their sports card blog, blog in general, or any site or business they want to start. With some great prices and great service, I’m glad I signed up with them.

I Am Beat

After flying across the country all day, I come home to find a nice package on my dining room table that my friend brought in for me. Inside is my next group of reviews. Everything is opened and had pictures and video done, I am just too exhausted to post one of them right now. Too much flying, then I have to work tonight. But you’ll get a sneak peak on what is coming….

Panini vs. The Cup – Full Dual Box Break Review

Panini Elite Black Box Review

Panini Threads Review

There were some nice cards pulled and finally the epic showdown will commence. I’m just too tired to do that epic showdown right now. Stay tuned!

For those interested, the leaderboard for the NFL POD will be updated tonight as well, just later!


Sports Card Blog NFL Player of the Day Promotion – Sponsored by Panini

Well, if you’ve been reading the blog and following me on Facebook and Twitter I told you I had something big up my sleeve.

Sports Card Blog has been selected as one of the few hobby blogs out there to run the 2011 NFL Player of the Day Promotion – Sponsored by Panini America. I guess that means I am kinda a big deal? Like Ron Burgundy I will lead you as your anchorman…but I will be giving out fabulous prizes for those who participate.

Now, I just have a list of the prizes right now as they aren’t in hand yet, and won’t be in hand until next week. But let’s just say they are fantastic. Here are some of the prizes that I will be giving away:

-Autographed mini helmet

-Box of Prestige football

-Panini Black Box

-NFL Player of the Day autographed card

-Bobble heads, NFL Player of the Day T-Shirts, NFL Player footballs, NFL Player of the Day card sets, pennants…and apparently there is even more goodies available for me to give out that they aren’t telling me.

So as you can see, this thing is going to be loaded with great things for you to win. When the box of goodies arrives, I will post a ton of pictures and videos showing off the goodies I have available to give away.

So this is how things will be run. The promotion will run from today, September 15, 2011, until November 30, 2011. So this promotion will run from Week 2 of the NFL season until Week 12. There will be 11 contests. Each contest entered will give you at least one point in the standings. If you do well in the contest, you will get more points. We will have weekly winners, 3 monthly winners, and a grand prize winner. The prize structure for the monthly and grand prizes will work like this:

September Winner – Autographed mini helmet (Michael G.)

October Winner – Box of Panini NFL Stickers and Jordan Todman Jumbo 5×7 autograph (Jay R.)

November Winner – Box of 2011 Panini Threads football

Grand Prize Winner – Panini Black Box

Weekly prizes will be announced with the contests.

The first contest for Week 2 of the NFL season will be posted at 9AM EST. Since I am traveling these next couple of days, everything will be posted automatically.

So get ready for awesome NFL action and some great prizes from Sports Card Blog and Panini America trading cards. Check back later for the first contest!

Week 1 Contest Link

Week 2 Contest Link

Week 3 Contest Link

Week 4 Contest Link

Week 5 Contest Link

Week 6 Contest Link

Week 7 Contest Link

Week 8 Contest Link

Week 9 Contest Link

Week 10 Contest Link

Thanksgiving Edition

Week 11 Finale Contest Link

Just added! Those who do not win anything over the course of the promotion will be entered to receive one of three Panini mystery packs put together by me! Just a way to say thank you for checking out the official Panini NFL Player of the Day site and joining this promotion.