Our Donation to National MS Society

Today, we have taken the $100 raised in our charity group break and donated the money to the National MS Society who continues the fight to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Our $100 raised will go towards finding a cure for this terrible disease.

But that’s not all. The fine people at Pure Protein are doubling every donation made to the National MS Society currently. That means we have generated $200 towards fighting Multiple Sclerosis.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the group break. Everyone who participated will be receiving the cards from their team in the break if they had a team that was pulled or some random inserts if they didn’t have a team that was pulled. Everyone will also be receiving a $20 credit for first time sellers on CheckOutMyCards.com and my autograph thanking you for participating.

As promised, here is the screenshot from the donation to prove that we donated $100 to the National MS Society.

If you are interested in donating, please utilize the links provided. Thank you again to all of those who participated and thanks to Panini America for providing the product.

Charity Group Break: 2011 Panini Limited Baseball

I mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to do something to support charity, so with our box of 2011 Panini Limited baseball sent to us for review, we want to use that to give back to charity.

So we will be hosting a charity group break with all proceeds going towards a special charity that will be chosen by those in the group break, the majority of votes by those involved will win. You will have three choices when you sign up for the group break. You can choose between Special Olympics Oregon, National MS Society, or the Portland Providence Medical Foundation. If there is a tie amongst participants in the voting, I will cast the deciding vote.

Each spot in this charity group break is $10. $10 will guarantee you 3 teams in this break. The first team you will be picking yourself with the other two randomized.

To sign up, post below with your team of choice and which charity you would like to support. Then, send $10 via PayPal to sportscardblog@gmail.com to lock that spot in. Make sure the email you use when you post here matches your PayPal email. If it’s different, please let me know. After all the spots have been paid for I will post the video and the review of the product. All the cards will be sent out to the winners.

Since this product only contains a limited number of cards, if none of your 3 teams gets a card, I will send out something to you just for participating and helping support this charitable event.

Again, all proceeds will benefit the majority of the chosen charity by the people involved in this break. I will scan or take a screen shot of the donation for everyone afterward.

Participants/Team/Charity of Choice:

1. Richard Wade – Braves – National MS Society (PAID) (Rays, Blue Jays)
2. Doc – Phillies – National MS Society (PAID) (Angels, Dodgers)
3. Cards and Case Breaks – Red Sox – National MS Society (PAID) (Rangers, Tigers)
4. Sports Card Radio – Athletics – Special Olympics Oregon (PAID) (Padres, Brewers)
5. flatsports – Twins – CHARITY (PAID) (Marlins, Mets)
6. mojobreak – Giants – Special Olympics Oregon (PAID) (Astros, Diamondbacks)
7. Ryan Cracknell – Mariners – National MS Society (PAID) (Cubs, Orioles)
8. Dylan Zeh – Pirates – National MS Society (PAID) (Nationals, Indians)
9. Mike – Yankees – National MS Society (PAID) (Rockies, Royals)
10. Jeff Laws – White Sox – National MS Society (PAID) (Reds, Cardinals)

It has been confirmed by those participating, that $100 will be donated to the National MS Society. I appreciate all of your participation. The review and video will be up shortly.

SportsCardBlog.net Introduces “Save the Card Shops” Campaign

SportsCardBlog.net, in conjunction with collectors around the world, would like to introduce our “Save the Card Shops” campaign.

This campaign is different than the others you may have seen from different card companies. We will not be giving out free cards to give away to card shops. We will not be telling you how to open a card shop. We will also not be running any promotion to get you to return to the card shop to pick up a redemption/prizes.

This campaign is going to give out something that all these card company campaigns didn’t to give out with the above promotions, information.

Helpful information for card shops already in business is hard to find. With this campaign, we will be giving away our tips to better succeed in your card shop business. Also, the comments area under each section will be open for additional tips and ideas from readers around the world to give their thoughts and ideas.

The hardest part of this campaign will be to get the information out there to the struggling card shops. So I am urging everyone to spread the word to your local card shops or to anyone who could be of help spreading this information.

We will be posting new information every few days at http://www.sportscardblog.net/save and have a new bar at the top of the site.

While I may not own a business or a have a degree in business, these are ways that I have learned to market your business. I’m not guaranteeing these ideas will work, however, they cost extremely little and will only help the business.

1 Year of SportsCardBlog.net

At least one post a day.

That was my writing goal when I began SportsCardBlog.net exactly one year ago today.

I actually had the thought to start a site/blog a couple of years ago and I ran the idea by Mike Silvia, owner of Sports Card Forum. He said if I was looking to make money it probably wasn’t the best idea unless I was planning to put a ton of time and money into it.

But last year, after sitting around unemployed for a bit and needing something to pass the time between getting denied for jobs I was overqualified for or underqualified for, I decided to start a blog about my favorite hobby.

And thus, SportsCardBlog.net began.

A few months in after I bought some products to review, Panini’s Tracy Hackler took a liking to my blog and offered a sponsorship to review products. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. It usually takes quite a bit longer to get that kind of attention from card companies. I believe without the early support from Panini, this site wouldn’t be where it is today and would not continue growing. And recently, Upper Deck has gotten on board.

I could not have asked for a better first year of this site. I’ve got a loyal reader base and have made some great contacts and friends along the way. I wish I could attend the 2012 NSCC to meet with everyone but as I said, I’m kinda getting married two days later.

So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank the people who read this site, my followers on Twitter, Panini and Upper Deck for their support in product reviews, the other card companies who keep me in the loop, and everyone else who has had a part in helping this site grow.

I look forward to another year and what the future will bring. I have some great ideas coming up that will help and add more positive contributions to the hobby as a whole so you’ll definitely want to stay around for that.

Preview: 2011 Topps Precision Football

Topps is creating another new football product this season and bringing in a hit per pack premium product with 2011 Topps Precision football. With a wide checklist of both rookies and veterans, this product looks like it could be a solid offering from Topps this year although it comes at a price.

$180 is that price for four packs of this product. Each pack will contain 3 base cards along with an autograph or an autographed jersey card. But the best part about this product is finally a sports card company is changing things up with autographs…Topps is featuring different color inks for it’s various autographed parallel cards.

The rookie checklist features 36 rookie subjects with red ink (#/75), gold ink (#/50), white ink (#/25) with all of them on-card autographs. You will find parallels of veterans as well in red, gold, green, and Precision parallels as well. There is even a small retired checklist at red, gold, and Precision parallels.

This product looks to be quite interesting with the possibility of up to an octograph booklet and all the way down to duals and some autographed patch cards.

Topps, you have my attention with this product. Precision and then Five Star look to be a great one-two combo in terms of Topps higher end products and I’m excited. I’ll be watching as this product goes on sale January 25, 2012.