Mancave Addition: 27th Birthday Edition

See that? Addition and Edition.

Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve been noticing two things over the past couple days that I’ve been posting alot about for October 17th. One being the release of 2012 Bowman Chrome baseball. The other being that it’s my birthday! Yes, I turned 27 years old yesterday and with the birthday comes all the spoils.

The wife knows I love sports stuff. She also knows I love cards and memorabilia. She has a love/hate relationship with cards. She doesn’t really know what is good, what I like to open personally, and what to get me for singles. She has taken the road less traveled on my blog and often decided to get me memorabilia, usually with autographs. This time did not disappoint.

That’s right, a Professional Model David Ortiz autographed bat with “Big Papi!” inscribed on the barrel. Match that with the man cave sign from the mother in law, the Red Sox cake in the photo, and Bobby Valentine getting fired a few weeks ago, and it’s the best birthday like ever.

If you’re looking for sports memorabilia yourself, check out that link on the right for sports memorabilia.

2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day: Beat The Blogger

Beginning this week will be the 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion here on Sports Card Blog. We have a ton of prizes that we are giving away, from packs of NFL Player of the Day cards, commemorative sets, autographs, fun man/girl cave items, and even a hobby box of cards.

The theme of this year’s promotion is going to be “Beat the Blogger”. I will be posting contests every Thursday once again this year, for the games slated on Sundays and Mondays. I will also be posting my own answers for the contest. If you beat me, you get one entry into the monthly and grand prizes. The person with the highest score will win the weekly prizes. Pretty simple.

Make sure you look out for special ways to get entries and look out for our giveaways we will be having on our Twitter and Facebook pages during the promotion for some extra free stuff.

All I ask in return for running this program is you click the banner and check out the official Panini Player of the Day website. There, you can find out more about the hobby shop portion of the program and get involved.

So get ready for another great season of contests and prizes. It’s a little easier this year to get involved, so let’s have some fun.

Week 1 Contest

Week 2 Contest

Week 3 Contest

Week 4 Contest

Week 5 Contest

Week 6 Contest

Week 7 Contest

Week 8 Contest

Week 9 Contest

New Partnership with Cardboard Connection

I’m back.

And I’m back in a big way. Just because I was spending time in Hawaii and enjoying a wonderful wedding of two great friends of mine doesn’t mean I wasn’t working behind the scenes in my spare time.

For some time I’ve been trying to find a way to maximize exposure of the site as well as work in helping the bigger sites with content. Well, the details are now hashed out and I have the opportunity to do both for the hobby community.

We have reached a deal with the biggest independent source of hobby news on the planet in Cardboard Connection. Cardboard Connection is my top source for information on hobby news that I haven’t been caught up to date with yet. With their fantastic writers and interesting columns, they are my favorite source of hobby news. You will only notice a few changes with the partnership that will not affect your experience here on SportsCardBlog. Our previews and reviews will contain links to special Cardboard Connection information on the product, including their awesome checklists. We will also have a small banner link on the side, alongside the companies who graciously send us product.

In return, Cardboard Connection will have our link on their main page under “Featured Blogs”, they will be helping to promote the blog through various social media sources, and will allow me to write for them on occasion. It’s a fantastic deal that works well for both sides. Plus, you can find more of me soon on Cardboard Connection. So make sure you are checking them out if you aren’t already. And if you aren’t, why aren’t you? Seriously. You’re missing out.

It’s truly an honor to work with such a hobby heavyweight and I’m excited for what this will bring for SportsCardBlog and the hobby as a whole.

Now, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming and at least 6 articles a week. My vacation is over.

Agenda: After Honeymoon Return

Late last night, after hours of plane flights and flying through 3 countries, I finally returned home from my honeymoon.

I apologize for the lack of posts this month, but I just didn’t have the time to pre-write content that could last for awhile. Planning and executing a stunning wedding and honeymoon was pretty stressful and just took away a lot of my time and energy to write. With all of that behind me now, and great new memories, I have had the time to relax a bit.

So I wanted to share the agenda for things going forward for the next couple weeks. This will help keep me focused as well as I tend to forget things I want to do and say as I have so many things going through my head at the same time.

-Review 2012 Elite football and 2012 Score football

-Catch up on previews

-Combine cards and places I visited on my honeymoon

-Showcase some new items for the man-cave

-Showcase some special cards I received from the 2012 National, without even having to go!

-Get ready for the 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion

-Start graduate school

This is actually a more daunting list than previously expected. It’s a lot of different types of content over the next couple of weeks but also includes starting graduate school and going off to Hawaii for a week for a friend’s wedding. I should have plenty of content ready for the Hawaii trip but needless to say, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

Thanks for sticking around with me while I was away, but it’s back to business as usual.

Annoucement: NFL Player of the Day Will Be Returning to Sports Card Blog

I may be in Italy, home of Panini, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still make announcements.

Sports Card Blog has been chosen once again to participate in the online version of the 2012 Panini Player of the Day promotion. And once again, we will have tons of opportunities to give something away to all those diehard football collectors out there.

With contests running throughout the promotion to win fabulous items from Panini, it’s another huge chance for collectors to win hobby boxes, cards, and other awesome items from the folks at Panini.

So get ready football fans, we’ll have more information coming up soon on what and how you can win awesome prizes.