– Finally Turning Out the Lights

I’m finally turning out the lights on

I started this blog four years ago. I was fresh out of college and unemployed. I needed something to keep me from going insane after sitting around the house and getting denied for every job I would apply for. It was rough in this economy, I couldn’t get jobs because I had no experience or I was overqualified with my degree.

Having something to look at, analyze, and write about gave me some bit of purpose. It was a great way to waste time and see if I could actually build something from scratch. In fact, I did build something from scratch. At the blog’s high point in 2012, I was doing roughly 25,000-ish unique views a month. Arguably it was one of the top independently run blogs about sports cards on the web, if not the top.

But life got in the way. During that period of time from 2011 through today I got married, started and finished graduate school, worked three different jobs full-time, and had a baby girl. Now I’m trying to start a business, working full-time, and am still a husband and father. I just don’t have time to blog on here. However, I always have time to stop on Twitter to see what is happening and “micro-blog” with everyone I’ve met in the community.

With that being said, I want to say goodbye to blogging and thank you to everyone who has helped this blog achieve what it did.

The Companies

To Panini; Hack, Scotty, and everyone else who I’ve been in contact with – thank you for believing in me enough that you would send thousands of dollars of your product that you all worked so hard on over the years. I hope my joys and criticisms with your product were taken in ways that helped evolve your products over those first few years of Panini America licenses.

To Upper Deck; Chris mainly – thank you for your support of bloggers and those who helped cover the industry. Upper Deck Insiders was a great program that I think still has the ability to improve it’s potential. Your product and your community are still your biggest assets. I think a little more focus on your community will help you progress forward – along with some other things that I know most people in the industry already know.

To Topps; who never really gave me the time of day for some reason – thanks for the press releases and checklists. If there was always one thing that drove visitors for Topps products it was that hype information. #ThanksTopps

DA Card World, COMC, & Mojo Break; some of the classiest companies I’ve worked with. Keep doing things right and good things will keep happening.

If I forgot anyone, sorry.


To the Twitterverse; every one of my 3,193 followers as of right now – thanks for your support, reading the blog, retweeting, and commenting on it (whether you hated me or not!). And special shout out to Sport Card Collectors; probably my biggest fan – thanks for the support and continuing to push me for content. I’m proud that what I did helped pave the way for someone as passionate and genuine as you to blog as well.

To the Blogosphere; thank you for welcoming me into the community early on. Keep on being honest, keep on pushing for what’s good in the hobby, and don’t take shit from anyone. Everyone needs a little Stale Gum in them.

The end.

If for some reason you are interested in buying the domain and social media handle, let me know at






Achieving Goals, Changing and the Blog

Let me preface this by saying that I plan on getting back to blogging. As I stated back in September I had been working on many larger goals that took preference over working on this blog. Those included education, family, career, all of those important things that are more important to me than blogging. Heck, I can’t even remember the last time I checked my SCB email! I  just wanted to give a status update.

So first and foremost, I completed my Master’s degree in December. That was probably number one on my list as it was the shortest term goal and one that would probably be the easiest to achieve. Next, I wanted to learn or prepare on being a father and actually begin the process of becoming one. That goal was met as well as my wife is due with our first child in July. I don’t know the gender yet, but I am definitely going to be picking up a complete set of 2014 Topps baseball at the end of the year as a memento for the child one day. Finally, career is the most recent goal and is the one I achieved as of two weeks ago. I just got a new job in a field I love, investigation, at a company where my input truly matters, Airbnb.

With all of that, I will have some additional time to blog, at least until the baby is born. I will not, however, return to the one post a day thing. I am going to change the format of this blog just a bit to be more personal and analytical. Originally it was a source of information that had just come out with some opinions thrown in there. Analytics and opinion is a more challenging method for me and I would like to provide some additional substance to the posts. Surprisingly, I was getting stressed with one post a day over a year and a half while working, school, etc. I realized it when I went on my honeymoon and didn’t have to worry about it. It became a job when it was never meant for that purpose. I actually have thought about closing shop too, but I’ve put in a lot of work that I want to continue as a hobby.

So now begins a welcome change as things continue to flesh out. Maybe tonight I will write a little something about exclusive contracts with the news of Upper Deck again receiving an exclusive license for NHL products…

Apologies For Lack of Posting

Readers and partners,

I wanted to take the time to apologize for the lack of posts that I have been making over the past couple of months. This trend will continue until around Christmas due to a change in current focuses in my life. As we all go through things from time to time, I know most of you will understand these issues. I wanted to lay them out as communication and transparency is always important to me.

The first thing is I am finishing up my Master’s degree in December. I am currently in my last term at George Washington University and finishing up their Security & Safety Leadership program. This term includes a massive Master’s Capstone project with lots of research and writing, plus two other courses. This accelerated program has kicked my ass in terms of how fast it has progressed and keeping up with the work while…

Working 40+ hours a week. I never thought I could go to school full-time and work over 40 hours a week during the same period. Luckily, I have a job that has some down time so I have additional time to work on school work. But that may change soon as…

I’m trying to upgrade in the job department. Being highly overqualified for my current position has put me in a predicament where I am trying to find more of a “career” job or at least something I’d really like to spend some time doing. I’ve been applying for promotions internally as well as outside jobs in the hope of finding something. The economy still isn’t great, but it is something I spend a lot of time doing. I also have been spending a lot of time…

Figuring out what I have to do to be a good parent. My wife and I aren’t pregnant yet, but it will be happening in the very near future. That being said, it is a time for self reflection and understanding what I can do to improve my life and the future life of my family. As someone who likes introspection, I have a lot of personal things I would love to improve and I’ve been working on those things as well.

So yeah, I have a lot on my plate coming up. The one thing that takes the most time, school, will be done in December. Hopefully by that time I will have a better job and maybe even might have a child on the way. My New Year’s resolution is to have many of these things taken care of so I can go back to enjoying one of my favorite hobbies that has been on the back-burner the past few months…collecting cards! I can’t tell you how much I miss just writing and learning about new products coming out and sharing it with people. If I happen to continue to get products to review or buy a product here and there, I will be doing those posts, but for now everything has slowed down to a crawl with the website.

I will continue to put a couple posts of things I find interesting or funny, like that last autograph post, but things will be popping back up for 2014 on a more regular basis.

Thanks for sticking around and all of the messages on Twitter. I still do post and check out the tweets from time to time @SportsCardBlog. I also love my COMC store as well and will be getting more into that in the future (I’m still accepting all offers of 15% off, cheap plug).

Stay tuned, there is still more to come on the blog. It isn’t dead yet!



Sponsorship With And1Cards Announced




SportsCardBlog and And1Cards of Clarence, New York, have teamed up in a sponsorship deal that will greatly benefit both sites. is having a huge relaunch party this week and we want you to be a big part of it. But you’ll need to read the rest of this release to find out how. is a shop in New York that has decided to feature alot of the products they sell in-store, online as well. They offer a variety of sports card products, group breaks, as well as memorabilia and other items that you may have a difficult time finding anywhere else online. They will be starting their relaunch with a huge “break-a-thon” throughout the month where they will be busting a case of every 2012 football product that has come out. And you’ll only be able to sign up with them.

They will also be featuring a rewards program where every dollar you spend with them gives you one point. The top point getter at the end of each month will receive an awesome prize with them that will be announed at the beginning of the month. There will also be a couple consolation prizes as well! It will be rewarding to do business with them.

Now in order to get you started with them, I’m giving away one $50 gift card to their site that can be used on whatever you wish. Want to know how you can win the gift card? Well there are two ways to gain entry.

#1: Find my tweet about this contest on my Twitter page, and make sure you retweet that tweet and follow me @SportsCardBlog. Make sure you follow @And1Cards while you’re at it too.

#2: Visit their site at and tell me what member of the Indiana Pacers is the player in which they pulled a Gold Prizm of from 2012 Panini Prizm basketball. It will be located under the tab “In-Store Hits”. (Comments hidden to protect contest!) Answer must be posted here in the Comments section.

Update: Since that page mysteriously disappeared…tell me the name of one of the autographed helmets they have for sale! If it does pop back up, either answer will work, but only one entry will be given for a correct answer to either question!

Contest ends Wednesday at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be randomly chosen and a code will be emailed to you that will give you $50 off your order!

So make sure you visit and check them out. Those group breaks will be insane!

New Partnership with Dave & Adam’s Card World

I’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes the past couple of weeks and today we have finally finalized a deal on a partnership with one of the biggest online hobby retailers in the United States. Dave & Adam’s Card World (DACW) has long been a staple of the online hobby scene for quite some time now. With their low prices and great customer service, collectors around the world have had their respect and trust in this company, helping it grow with not only an online presence, but several brick and mortar stores in upstate New York.

I’ve done the vast majority of my business over at DACW over the past several years. I’m proud to announce them as my preferred retailer. Not only are they my preferred retailer, I am a premier customer as well. If you spend a certain amount of money with the company in a month, you will get exclusive deals on products through your premier account. This account stays with you even if you go months without a purchase. You will also periodically get emails featuring some of the best deals for premier account holders.

The partnership will not change your experience on this blog besides a side link on the sidebar and links in blog posts to the product in their store, as always, where appropriate.

In celebration of this new partnership, we will be giving away a $50 gift certificate to DA Card World. You can find details on how you can win that on Friday. Also on Friday, make sure you check out their 2012 Black Friday Preview Sale which features several products on sale that you’ll be able to find on Black Friday as well.