July 2012 Sports Card Releases

July is here. What’s coming out in July? Well a whole bunch of fun stuff…looks like I have a bunch of previews coming in the next couple weeks!


2012 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Baseball – July 3, 2012 – $255 – 5/10

At the point of this post, the rumors are true and I can’t get excited about a product without images.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball – July 11, 2012 – $85 – 9/10

One of the favorites of everyone in the card collecting community, A&G returns for another season of fun with collecting. Full preview coming soon.

2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball – July 25, 2012 – $87 – 7/10

Another Bowman product that isn’t as good as Chrome. Really, that’s what everyone is just waiting for at this point…but this should hold you over.


2011-12 Panini Limited Basketball – July 7, 2012 – $100 – 8/10

One of the last basketball products of the season is coming up and it looks to be a doozy. I must say Panini has really brought it in the basketball arena this season with the shortened product season.

2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball – July 18, 2012 – $200 – 8/10

Loved this product last year, expecting big things once again this year.

2011-12 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball – July 31, 2012 – $300 – 7/10

Full preview coming soon.


2012 Topps Inception Football – July 11, 2012 – $94 – 9/10

One of the hits of last season, this rookie product features some of the best designs of the season with usual on card autographs. Let’s just hope they are all in their NFL uniforms for this one. Full preview coming soon.

2012 Panini Score Football – July 18, 2012 – $36 – 9/10

One of the best values of the year in football returns with this dollar per pack product with a ton of rookies and veterans…and still your chance to hit some autographs! Full preview soon.

2012 Panini Elite Football – July 25, 2012 – $120 – 8/10

A revamped product with some awesome looking cards this year, I’m excited to see what the improved Panini design team can do after the initial success of Prestige.


2011-12 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey – July 12, 2012 – $112 – 7/10

Full preview coming soon.

2011-12 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey – July 31, 2012 – $96 – 7/10

Full preview coming soon.


2012 Upper Deck MLS Soccer – July 10, 2012 – $95 – 7/10

While it’s nice they have the regular set, I think the price is set a little bit high for what’s in the product. (3 mem/1 auto) Full preview coming soon.

2012 Upper Deck SP Authentic Golf – July 24, 2012 – $112 – 6/10

While I’m not a golf collector, this product looks decent, especially with Tiger hot on the links and Ernie Els signing his first autographs for a product.

Topps to Feature Fight Used Mouthpieces in UFC Product

Now I don’t normally cover UFC products, but it looks like I might have to start after seeing this news.

In 2012 Topps Finest UFC, Topps is producing a card that is almost unparalleled in any sport they cover. A full piece of used memorabilia in a single card. I guess that is sort of hard to do with the current sports out there, but Topps will be taking it one step closer to the action with fight used mouthpieces.

You heard that correctly. Topps will be putting full mouthpieces embedded into their trading cards of your favorite fighters. That is crazy stuff. Now I’m not a huge fan of MMA fighting, however this collectible is extremely intriguing and could start something across all companies and sports.

I know most basketball, football, and hockey players use mouth guards to protect against elbows, sticks, big hits, etc. Will this be the start of a new trend in the hobby of sports card collecting? Did Topps stumble upon something huge? It’s probably the one piece of an athlete that no company has touched yet, until now.

You will be able to find these in 2012 Topps Finest UFC set to release this month on July 18, 2012.

Upper Deck’s Plans for the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention

Upper Deck is up next in providing information on what they will be doing for collectors at the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.

Upper Deck will be providing quite the wrapper redemption program featuring an array of Upper Deck products. These products must be purchased from a Diamond Dealer at the show, and in return you will be given a voucher. To redeem your packs you must bring the 5 empty packs needed and the voucher to the Upper Deck table.

You will be able to get vouchers for these products:

2011-12 NHL SP Game-Used
2012 Upper Deck Football
2011-12 NHL SPx
2011 College Football Legends
2012 SPx Football
2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball
2011-12 NHL SP Authentic
2012 Upper Deck Soccer

While I’m not sure if you will be able to get the vouchers before the show, make sure you grab some of these products at the show so you can get your packs. As always, Upper Deck supplies some pretty sweet autographs in their NSCC packs like Lebron, Jordan, Tiger, etc., so it should be great for collectors.

You will only be able to claim 5 packs per person, per day.

Here is the schedule of the card sets:

Thursday, August 2
NSCC-1 – Michael Jordan
NSCC-2 – Thierry Henry
NSCC-3 – Alonzo Mourning
NSCC-4 – Roger Staubach
NSCC-5 – Cody Buckel

Friday, August 3
NSCC-6 – Wayne Gretzky
NSCC-7 – Robert Griffin III
NSCC-8 – David Robertson
NSCC-9 – Don Mattingly
NSCC-10 – Dwayne DeRosario

Saturday, August 4
NSCC-11 – Tiger Woods
NSCC-12 – John Kruk
NSCC-13 – Sidney Crosby
NSCC-14 – Landon Donovan
NSCC-15 – Trent Richardson

Sunday, August 5
NSCC-16 – LeBron James
NSCC-17 – Bobby Orr
NSCC-18 – Jack Morris
NSCC-19 – Brodie Merrill
NSCC-20 – Alex Ovechkin

Ready for Some New Topps Rookies?

Topps has 3 new rookies to bolster the rest of their products for the year and they feature a top young arm, an American League Rookie of the Year candidate, and a Cub making a big splash.

Trevor Bauer will be making his major league debut tonight and you’ll be able to find his first “rookie” autographs in Topps Finest, set to release this summer. He will also be signing autographs for Topps Chrome, Triple Threads, Bowman Chrome, Topps Update, Bowman Sterling, and the new Topps Five-Star.

Next, Will Middlebrooks will be getting his first Topps rookie cards as well. The AL Rookie of the Year contender has been announced as the Lucky #3 redemption for Bowman and collectors will be receiving an autographed card from the rookie star. You will also be able to find autographs of Big Will in Topps Finest, Bowman Chrome, Topps Update, Bowman Sterling, and the new Topps Five-Star as well.

And finally, Anthony Rizzo will be making his Topps card debut as well. The young Cub has signed for Tier One and will be signing for Triple Threads, Topps Update, and Five-Star.

For me, I’m most excited for more Middlebrooks autographs hitting the market as of course, I’m a huge Red Sox fan.


ITG’s Plans for 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention

The 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention is heating up with more news daily from manufacturers and announcements from the show itself. Today we have some new information from what ITG fans can expect from the company at this year’s National.

In The Game has some big redemption plans for the National this year in Baltimore.

There will be three products able to be redeemed for exclusive cards at this year’s National: UM-11 National SuperBox, Broad Street Boys and 2011-12 Between The Pipes.

Collectors opening a box of 2011-12 Broad Street Boys at the In The Game booth will receive a 1/1 stamped game used memorabilia card from the product.

Collectors opening a box of 2011-12 Between The Pipes will receive a special game used memorabilia card made for the National as well.

And finally, collectors opening UM-11 National SuperBoxes at the In The Game booth will receive a special 1/1 game used memorabilia card.

ITG will be ready and primed for their box breaking event and I’m sure with a few other surprises along the way.