Snow Stormin’ and Elite Extra Edition Winners

Hey there, had a couple of contests we need to decide some winners on…

First up is the winner of the random Elite Extra Edition autograph…and that is Todd! Congratulations! I’ll be shooting you an email for your address so I can send you a few cards from that product for you to check out yourself, including an autograph!

And the winner of the various Upper Deck stuff is….Jesse Reynoso! I’ll be sending you an email as well to get your address so I can send you a ton of UD stuff just for reading and commenting on the blog.

As always, check the blog for contests (especially after reviews…hint, hint) and you can be our next winner!

Still ongoing is the search for a big Texas and Oklahoma fan! Got one entry in and looking for more fans of those colleges!

Snow Stormin’ Contest

Well I need to batten down the hatches for this snow storm that is going on right now and will last until tomorrow. Our once a year Oregon snow storm is usually a huge deal and since I live at around 1,000 feet, I’m going to get it pretty good. So I’m giving away stuff. Solid reasoning? I think so.

While I still have to do a “Review Deus” of 2011-12 Upper Deck Series I hockey and show what I got and talk more about that fun product, the snow coming down means I got stuff to do. So I’m leaving it up to you guys to provide your own fun, in contest form.

I’m giving away some cards from the Upper Deck reviews.

Here’s what we will do. Read the reviews of 2011 UD University of Oklahoma, 2011 UD University of Texas, and 2011-12 UD SP Authentic basketball and even the mini break of 2011 UD SPGU soccer if you’re feeling lucky. Tell me something positive or negative any of the reviews. For each product you tell me your opinion about, you will get one entry. So you get a total of 4 entries. The winner will receive a prize pack of SP Authentic basketball cards and a few hits from the reviews/mini breaks, including the UD Series I to come.

Oh, and I’ll be looking for big University of Texas and University of Oklahoma football fans to give away a full or mostly full set of each product. I’ll need some sort of proof but that will be an ongoing thing not decided when these are.

So tell me about those products and win prizes. Easy. Now go!

Contest ends on Sunday, January 21, 2012.

Oh, and I’ll announce the Elite Extra Edition winner at the same time.

Christmas Contest Update – With Wheel O’ Awesome Goodness!

Hey there everyone, while I’ve been busy over here I’m still working on getting this Christmas contest wrapped up so I did the Wheel O’ Awesome spin for CynicalBuddha. Here is what you won:

Everyone else, an email is coming for your shipping addresses. Please include your favorite sports team as I will be sending a few extras out there.

Thanks again for your support…because of your support I can run contests like these!

Watch Shane K. Open Up His NFL POD Prizes

Did you want to see what I was giving away with the NFL POD prizes and didn’t want to watch me show the items in the opening post about it?

Well Shane K. has posted what he won and posted it on video for all of us to see. Check out the prizes he won which included a football, a NFL POD Rookie Review set, and hand-made Panini pack by me, and the special surprise…a Panini Black Friday pack!

Check it out.

Thanks to Shane for posting this up on YouTube to promote the site and the fabulous NFL POD giveaway!

Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow everyone! I’ll have something posted for you tomorrow as well. Maybe a sweet Christmas present or two from the lady in my life!

2011 Christmas Giveaway Winners Announced

Well ho, ho, ho, once again. It is time to announce our winners of the Christmas giveaway here on Sports Card Blog. With a large number of entrants and 6 possible winners (1 winning a Wheel O’ Awesome spin) there will be quite a bit of Christmas cheer to go around.

Here is an overview of the rules:

5 winners are chosen for the Yankee Swap. There are 5 prize lots out there labeled 1 through 5. Each item may only be stolen once, so tread carefully. If you steal an item, it is locked in as your prize. If you have an item stolen from you, you make the next pick. This continues until all 5 prize lots are spoken for.

Ready? Here are your participants…COME ON DOWN! Your name on the list is also the pick order and you can start making your picks immediately.

1. Nachos Grande (Lot #2)

2. Madison V. (Lot #3)

3. Card Hobbyist (Lot #4)

4. Dale McGarry (Lot #1)

5. Paulie3jobs (Lot #5 – LOCKED)

Wheel O’ Awesome Spin Prize Winner: CynicalBuddha

And here is the screen capture from the randomization after 3 randomizations:

You may start your picking immediately in the comments and I will edit the post with a picture of the prize chosen for others to make their decisions. So Nachos Grande, choose a lot #1-5. Emails will be sent out in a matter of minutes. I will create a video for your spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome, CynicalBuddha.

Lot #2: NachosGrande (Still able to be stolen!)

Lot #5: Paulie3jobs (LOCKED)

Lot #4: CardHobbyist (Still able to be stolen!)

Lot #1: Dale McGarry (Still able to be stolen!)

Lot #3: Madison V. (Concludes draft)