Review: 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified Basketball

Now, I don’t know what makes this “totally” certified compared to just regular certified, but this year’s product looks pretty good compared to years past. 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified basketball is back yet again with great improvements from last year as well as some new additions, mainly the reveal of Panini HRX video trading card technology. While these are extremely hard to pull, they are some of the best looking and include the first autographed video trading cards to hit the market.

While our box did not contain such awesomeness, we were able to see what really make 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified basketball stand out this year and that is the color, some on card autographs, and some nice looking game used pieces. Want to see what we got? The video provides some information, but when I started I thought the camera was runing, but it wasn’t. So I was halfway through when I noticed it, but reviewed the cards pulled. But look no further than below:



Game Used:



Actually, I really enjoy the design. I’m usually not huge on foil board type designs unless it is done really well, but I believe this is actually done really well. The starburst effect in the background looks great on the base cards, I just don’t understand the need for the abstract lines in the back. I see that the effect changes when the line is there, but couldn’t you do it without the abstract lines? The lower ones look out of place, but I wouldn’t mind just the triangle design. I’m not sure what they did with the finish on these cards but it feels pretty cool. It feels kind of grainy in the foil area but the player actually is raised up on the card and gives it a cool depth feeling.


While I can’t find a list of the veterans who actually signed in this product, the overall checklist is actually very solid. There are 35 different rookie autographs to pull including the top picks in the draft which is not an over kill like other sports. The base set is kind of big for being limited, but the 150 cards presents a challenge to set builders and player collectors if you want all the parallels. The Certified Potential autographs list is great and the names on the game used jerseys is very good. Don’t forget about the HRX video trading cards! Making them hard to pull was a great strategy and keeping them limited in the future is something I would recommend.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether to give this a 3 or a 4. As I say, I always round this to the nearest whole number, so we’ll just say it’s around 3.6. The hit per pack thing is great and it has it’s place in the hobby. But a box of this product is nearly $100 right now. I ended up with nearly 1/10th of the base set, 6 or 7 parallels, and 6 “hits”. I would like to see just a little more content in these packs. The hits can stay as they were solid, the insert per pack is good enough for me, but maybe add in another base card or two. It would take at least 10 boxes to build a full base set and that is being generous. The names on the hits are solid which is nice compared to other Panini products with sometimes too many retired players. Just add another base card or two and I’d be very happy.


Overall 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified basketball gets 4s across the board from me. The design is very nice with a few odd things here and there but it really is something to see for yourself in your hands. The foil board looks great and the jerseys are done well. Just the autograph space on the rookie autographs looks a bit small but the nice big jersey piece is there too. Gotta take the bad with the good there. The checklist is solid overall and not killing you with retired players. The HRX makes it’s long awaited debut and even though I did not pull one, they look great. Finally, value wise I would like to see maybe another card or two added to the pack. Maybe it’s just me on that one and maybe I’m over reacting a bit. But it’s still not bad.

Now you get to see my ugly mug do a horrible job at opening it on video. It’s such a bad video, I forgot to press play or something when I started. So it’s a review of the half the box I had opened plus me opening the second half of the box, oops, sorry.

Now as for the contest part, I have in my hands the Brandon Roy Totally Blue insert numbered to 299. The winner of this contest will be the person closest to guessing the serial number without going over, Price is Right style. Please also include at least one thought on the product in which I reviewed. The winner will receive the Danny Granger jersey and the Dejuan Blair jersey. Good luck!

A big thanks again goes out to Panini America for providing this box for me to review.

Review: 2011 Panini NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks Box Set

The Dallas Mavericks are NBA Champions! With the Dallas Mavericks taking home their first NBA Finals trophy by defeating the hated Miami Heat, Panini America is proud to produce a 36 card box set commemorating the championship won by the Dallas Mavericks.

Every box set gets you 36 cards with 19 cards being player cards, including coach Carlisle. There is also one card for every playoff victory the Mavericks had during these 2011 NBA Playoffs. Finally, the box ends with a card dedicated to the 2011 NBA Finals MVP, Dirk Nowitzki. This product will be tough to review as it is exactly what it states it will be. No guessing, just a quality set of cards for your collection. Let’s break it down for you.

Base (players):

Base: (wins and MVP):

First, I want to apologize for the kind of blurry photos. As I state in my bright video, the fiancee went out fishing with her grandfather all day today and I’m stuck using my laptop camera and my iPhone camera. Let’s get to the ratings.


This is how a box set should be designed. No frills, just a solid design all around. I love the basic design for a number of reasons. First is located at the bottom of the card. The bottom of the card clearly has the player’s name and a beautiful type font displaying that the Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions. But I think what makes this product stand out is the awesome action photography from the playoffs. It fills up the top of the card and the photos chosen were great. I can’t believe how fast this product came out with the great photography used during the post season. It really makes you remember those fall away jumpers from Dirk and Jason Kidd driving the lane for those hard fought victories. Absolutely no complaints on the design end. This is how it should look and it was done perfectly.


I’m giving the checklist 4 stars. The only reason why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I feel it is missing something. If Panini chose to produce a card for every game the Mavericks played in the playoffs, I believe it would of told a better story. The looks of disappointment and shock when Brandon Roy took the game over in Game 3 of the first round and won the game for the Blazers. The buzzer beaters that fell on the wrong side of the coin for the Mavericks. I think if every game were produced, the story would be complete. Everything else was great though with featuring all the players on the team, the wins, and Dirk’s MVP card. Still, very solid.


This is a commemorative box set of trading cards. Everything in it is the same across every box. And for $20, it definitely has value for those aficionados of the game of basketball and Dallas Mavericks fans. But let’s compare it to another $20 Panini product, All-Goalies hockey. That set has 100 cards, 5 inserts, and a game used memorabilia piece. Same price, a ton more cards. I’ve bought commemorative boxes before for my teams championships and it’s always been around the same price. It’s definitely a collector’s item for those fans. Maybe drop the price down to a cheap blaster or between those products? How’s $15 sound? $5 less sounds a little bit better to my wallet in the end for 36 cards. Otherwise, you already know what you are getting. But to Dallas Mavericks fans out there, I’m sure they would have no problem paying $20. This is just a thought from an unbiased observer not letting any fandom get in the way.


Overall, this is an extremely nice product. It is a box set that carries just base cards really, but it is done extraordinary well. The design is perfect for this type of set and it really provides a glimpse at the players, coach, and the wins the Dallas Mavericks pulled off during their amazing playoff run. The Dirk MVP card is a nice little addition at the end too. The only very small problems I have is I think the checklist should tell the story of the postseason a little more with cards from Mavericks losses and maybe drop the price down $5. Overall, very little complaints with this product and as I stated in the value section, this is the perfect product out there for you Dallas Mavericks fans, Dirk fans, or just plain old fans of the game of basketball. Great job Panini.

I’d like to thanks Panini for providing me this box to review for their company. I have a ton of links around for you to find them. You can visit them at the official Panini America website and definitely check out their blog.

Here is a video of me opening and displaying this box set. Enjoy!