Did Beckett Just Commit Suicide?

For years, Beckett has been on the decline in terms of their place in the sports card marketplace. Informed collectors have continuously displayed their displeasure for the former giant in the sports card collectibles marketplace. The constant complaints on accurate pricing and inflated card prices have made them an illegitimate source in many collectors’ eyes.

Recently, one of the newer dogs on the block, Check Out My Cards (or COMC) has had a deal with Beckett to utilize their Beckett values on their website for pricing on cards. Since COMC was founded, these prices were embedded into the product at COMC. However, with the new year beginning, Beckett has decided to terminate their agreement with COMC. COMC will no longer be allowed to utilize Beckett’s pricing on their website. With it, comes the response from COMC.

The one thing I have learned since my interview with managers at COMC is that you don’t back them down into a corner. They will find a way to rebound while under Tim’s leadership and his abilities behind a keyboard. His response, if done correctly (and I firmly believe it will be), can revolutionize the industry and shift the collectibles marketplace toward a real-time, data driven industry. If Tim is able to bring in pricing data from not only COMC but other online retailers (such as eBay) this could be the next big thing. Others have had the idea but never had the abilities or resources to put it into place. Tim and his team are the people who can make it a reality.

With that said, does this spell the end of Beckett unless they are able to change and adapt to the very industry that has kept them alive all of these years?

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2 Responses to Did Beckett Just Commit Suicide?

  1. Michael G. Smith says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I hope the blow Beckett out of the water!! Beckett is way OVERPRICED for a guide u have to buy monthly and/or pay online for it. They have no CLUE as to “Real World” prices and they are so stuck up Topps & Upper Deck’s butt it’s unreal!!!! They won’t publish anything negative about either of them like there “Customer Service”, replacing damaged cards (THAT’S A JOKE) or any of the million things they do 2 us consumers!! They just put good stuff in and they send them boxes to rip and comment on…..I’ve never pulled anything close to what they do in every box and I’ve opened my fair share of them after 20+ years of collecting……coincidence??? I THINK NOT!!!!

  2. I think it’ll be great for the hobby! Personally, I haven’t bought a Beckett in years and haven’t used it for actual pricing in probably a decade.

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