Contest: Show Me Your ‘Bum! (Sports Card Album)

Show me your ‘Bum! That’s right. Show me your Sports Card Album.

What I have been given is an opportunity to showcase one of the greatest new additions to the hobby that will improve the community and your ability to share your favorite cards. That innovation was created by the awesome Sergio at Sports Card Album allows you to upload your photos of your cards to share with the world. Hate the new Photobucket? Don’t like using any of those other services which only caters to certain people? Now you can upload your photos to your Sports Card Album and have that hosting you desire. It is also a great organizational tool for your collection. You can upload from your PC or mobile device. (There are rumors there will be an app coming sometime in the future as well!)

So I have been given some sweet ‘Bum swag to give away. The only way you can get a hold of this MASSIVE prize pack is to show me your ‘Bum. You will get a sealed box of cards from Sports Card Album and some other goodies. It should be loaded with awesome cards to add to your ‘Bum. (Sorry Sergio, I really enjoy refering to it as a ‘Bum.)

To enter, write a comment below with a link to your Sports Card Album. You can get a bonus entry by tweeting on Twitter “The @SportsCardBlog made me show my ‘Bum @SportsCardAlbum #showmeyourbum“. Winner gets all! You have until Sunday, July 14, 2013, at 2359 PST to enter! Winner is chosen at random.

Extra Bonus: I will send out a prize pack of my own to whoever creates the best graphic with Sports Card Album and the hashtag #showmeyourbum (Judged by Sports Card Album)


Winner: Ben Swagga! Via his Twitter entry!

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13 Responses to Contest: Show Me Your ‘Bum! (Sports Card Album)

  1. Andrew McKay says:

    Here is the start of my Album, more to come soon.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Thanks to you and sportscardalbum!!!!

  3. JJ Hernandez says:

    here’s mine. will be adding more of my PC soon!

  4. HaystaK702 says: this is my second account using it as a start over had one during beta love the site gl

  5. Lushan H. says:

    Here is my album, best service that has come to the hobby in a long time:

  6. Here I am Baring my bum for you

    A collector of ‘others’.

  7. Bryan Mc. says:

    My ‘bum is on my phone, my mo-bile phone!

  8. Nate Goleman says: loving this site and the ease of use! Great product, proud of Sergio for taking the risk to put it all together!

  9. hockeykazi says:

    just started–here’s some goodies–don’t get bummed out

  10. ZacknPhilly says:

    Darn – Missed out! thanks anyway.

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