Win a Panini Totally Certified Darren Sproles 1/1

That’s right. We are giving away a 1/1 we received from our break of 2012 Panini Totally Certified football (spoiler for the review, oops). All the thanks goes out to our over 1400 Twitter followers who stepped up and retweeted this card over 120 times. I promised I would give it away if we got 100 retweets and we got 20% more! Why don’t you check out that beauty below first to get your mouth watering:



To make it even more special, I’ll send the card in an empty Panini “Super Bowl Black Box” to make the opening experience that much more memorable. Or wait, I removed the inner lining that protects the card from the box…um, I’ll figure something out to send it in the box. It may not be as pretty though.

To Win: All you have to do to win is to post a response to this blog post and tell me what you love about the blog or following the Twitter account @SportsCardBlog. Post the response below, get an entry. Simple as that.

Ends: Contest ends on Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at 11:59 PST. Winner will be randomized. One entry per person/household.

Who dat gonna win this card?

Winner! Lushan H. is the one who wins this card! Congratulations on winning that 1/1 patch. Please email me at to claim your prize.

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28 Responses to Win a Panini Totally Certified Darren Sproles 1/1

  1. Gabe says:

    I love following the twitter for the tweets to read the reviews. Very informative, very helpful reviews when the time comes to make a purchase

  2. Dan says:

    I love that I get to write for this blog!

  3. Erik Lokken says:

    Always great to get reviews of products before I go out and buy. Thanks!

  4. Nick Mikulicich Jr. says:

    I love the fact you’ll give away a 1/1.

  5. shawn norman says:

    Panini is the best blog and thier account is great.They show great looking cards. Keep it up Panini

  6. Trevor G says:

    I love that you review the different products so new collectors like myself can see lots of different stuff before determining what we like. Great site layout and lots of contests but the reviews are very informative.

    @stuffmiami on twitter

  7. @Sarinnaspapa says:

    I appreciate the insightfulness of the posts on twitter. Some accounts are redundant and seem to lose interest after a while, but @sportscardblog keeps things current and exciting! Thank you for the priviledge and opportunity!

  8. Peter Lee says:

    Love all the info there always is about everything and anything. And winning a 1/1 Sproles patch is pretty bad ass too!

  9. hockeykazi says:

    Love the contests so one may win a great card

  10. Lushan H. says:

    I love the prompt and concise hobby news you provide. It’s so great that you try to give back to your readers with promotions like these.

  11. Adam says:

    My favorite aspect of the blog are the box breaks and product reviews.

  12. Brian C says:

    Wow awesome card! I love the honest reviews of product, it really gives me a detailed perspective without actually seeing the product

  13. Mike says:

    Appreciate that you do such agreat job keeping us informed.

  14. It’s been said but reviews of products are always helpful and fun to read through.

  15. Brett says:

    I like how you keep the community updated on recent news and reviews on new products that come out!

  16. KMH says:

    Really enjoy the honesty with the reviews. No matter who gives you the product you tell us how it is.

  17. Shane.K says:

    I appreciate your random musings during sports games, and how they relate to the hobby of collecting cards!

  18. Jamie Baldwin says:


  19. Mark Loftus says:

    My favorite is the reviews..I enjoy reading your thoughts on different products, especially seeing one’s I’ll nvr be able to afford.. lol.. Thanks

  20. Jamie Baldwin says:

    Love the previews and reviews and the information on here for the sports card world. Also the contests.

  21. Adam Ting says:

    That’s a sick patch would love that card!!
    These blogs are very informative, especially since I’m getting back into collecting.

  22. Luke Tefo says:

    Love the updates on new stuff coming out and occasional card pics! Love you guys!

  23. Edward says:

    What I love about this website is that you guys not only have the best content but you are also so interactive with your followers.

  24. Mattchanman says:

    I love that you give detailed posts about new products!

  25. Paul says:

    I love the informative reviews that provide me with product details before I decide to purchase. The site and Twitter account compliment each other well.

  26. Sport Card Collectors says:

    You know me, i have been on here for awhile. You are part of the reason I started blogging. Thats why I like your blog (though you are a Red Sox fan 😉 )

  27. Evan L. says:

    I love how you give away cards!

  28. Nice Review on your sports card keep them coming thumbs up

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