Open Letter (Idea) to CheckOutMyCards (COMC)

I’ve had these thoughts for quite some time. CheckOutMyCards has been a valuable asset to the hobby and is a great change in pace compared other sites out there to buy and sell cards. It reaches a huge audience and provides them one of the best opportunities to buy and sell sports cards and other items.

But why stop at buying and selling? Why not get back to what sports cards was all about? The trading. Sadly, I don’t have the direct contact information for Tim Getsch over at COMC. At least, I don’t think I do. So here is my open letter to CheckOutMyCards.


Has COMC ever thought about including a trade option to the website? In 2011, Topps had a fabulous promotion where you unlocked cards and were able to trade them with other users without physically having the card themselves. I thought that was a fantastic idea even before that creation and would make a great website or business.

Sadly, I do not have the resources to create such a venture, nor the experience with software programming. But I do love the hobby. I think a trade function on COMC, or a sister-site, would be a great addition to the hobby and would provide another source of income for the business. Charging to list cards and ship cards would continue, but you could also charge $0.XX amount per trade as well. Essentially you can do this now by agreeing to buy a card from someone else and having them a buy a card from you for the same price. Why not make it easier to trade? Buyers and sellers are going to naturally want to find a way to improve their inventory, and besides buying low, selling high, or buying additional cards outside of COMC, being able to trade with another user of the site would provide them that opportunity.

It also gets down to what the basics of trading cards were all about, trading. I’m not talking about revolutionizing one of the greatest buy/sell sites that has been created. I’m talking about one more dimension to the product that would not only bring in MORE users, but allow the current users to do more with their inventories. Just my two cents. I’d love to see that option added.



Again, I’m not changing the wheel or anything here. But making it easier for collectors and people in the marketplace move their cards in an easier fashion. With their current infrastructure, how difficult can it be?

I would love to take all of my traders, send them to COMC, put a price on them in case others want to buy them, but also have the opportunity to trade for some cards I do collect and pay to have them sent back to me. It would be, hands down, the safest place on the internet to trade cards.

It’s worth a thought, isn’t it? What do you think?

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2 Responses to Open Letter (Idea) to CheckOutMyCards (COMC)

  1. Tim Getsch says:

    Hello SCB,

    I love your idea. Thank you for taking the time to document your thoughts. Frankly, the concept of trading is one that is very near and dear to my heart. I have been playing with the idea for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, I have not seen any website that does a great job with trading. Most websites simply try to translate what we do in person to something roughly equivalent online. I believe it is possible to harness the power for computers to do something significantly better than what we can do in person.

    Keep an eye out for new features that will be launched over the next year. Trading is going to be a fundamental element of our future success.

    Tim Getsch Founder & CEO

    • Tim,

      As always, I appreciate you and your company’s openness and willingness to communicate with your customers and the rest of the hobby. If you can take the trading concept and make it bigger and better online through “harnessing the power” of computers, I think you will have another huge success for your business.

      I’m glad to hear that trading will be an element towards that success.

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