Sports Card Blog Super Bowl Contest

The big game means big things on the big day. That includes a contest over here where we will be giving away some nice prizes to some lucky readers, including some rookie cards of some of the players highlighted in the game.

So we are doing our own version of Super Bowl Squares! Free to join. 25 spots are open. To join, just give me a number between 1 and 25. That will get you a random spot on the board and your chance to win some sweet prizes from us. One square per person, per household. Here are the prizes:

1st Quarter: Lot of Super Bowl and 2012 rookies (Kaepernick, Torrey Smith, Luck, RGIII, and more!) – Congrats to Waxtopia!

Halftime: Panini Player of the Day Sean Lee Autograph – Congrats to HockeyKazi!

3rd Quarter: Panini Black Christian Ponder GU Patch – Congrats to Jonathan T.!

Final Score: Every hit card (3 cards) from our review of 2012 Panini Limited football – Congrats to Tony E.!

All the squares have a random number assigned to them. Please post below in the comments area of which number you would like (1-25). After all 25 spots have been filled, the squares will be posted for all to see and where you sit.

Have fun and good luck!

09:08 PM PST: And we are full!

Winners please email me at sportscardblog (@) gmail (dot) com to claim your prizes. Please email from the same email address used when posting. Thank you!


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50 Responses to Sports Card Blog Super Bowl Contest

  1. Cole Feinbloom says:

    14. Thanks!

  2. Kirby Johnson says:

    7 @Kirb007

  3. Jeff Juenger says:


  4. David panopoulos says:

    5 please

  5. Michael Swearingen says:


  6. Dustin Vredenburgh says:

    18 please

  7. Michael Swearingen says:

    Sorry, make that 25

  8. Dustin says:

    13 señor

  9. Ryan S says:

    Lucky number 8!!!!!

  10. Tony Everson says:

    I’ll try #8

  11. Sxrxndnb says:

    5 please!

  12. Sxrxndnb says:

    Oops, how about 15 :)

  13. Tony Everson says:

    #16 since 8 is taken

  14. Mike says:

    #1 please

  15. Matt Wilson says:

    Looks like #1 is free

  16. Mark Loftus says:

    Can I have 13 if still available

  17. Mark Loftus says:

    Crap someone git 13 before me..Can I have 12 then..looks open still

  18. jim Gater says:


  19. David myers says:

    4 please

  20. Jamie Baldwin says:

    10 thanks

  21. Jamie Baldwin says:


  22. Blake Kaplan says:

    I will take 4

  23. David myers says:

    19 please since 3 is taken

  24. Brian C says:

    19 if still open

  25. 19 since that guy already had one

  26. Billy Lilly says:


  27. Mark Loftus says:

    Not really sure about this game..if it’s not to much trouble can you give me a quick rundown on how this works and what the table at the top means and how to know if i win anything..Thanks

If You Comment, They Will Come