2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Week 9

First, we would like to formally congratulate Chris F. for winning Week 8 of the Panini NFL Player of the Day contest here on Sports Card Blog. He netted some sweet swag for the victory, including some Panini POD promo packs and some packs to go along with it. Everyone wins entries as my way of giving back to you after dominating you all the week before.

Your bonus card goes to Matt W.!

This is the last week for entries to win the grand prizes!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year’s 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion courtesy of the wonderful people at Panini and Sports Card Blog. So you may not have a card shop near you or maybe you don’t have the cash to participate in this in store program…so what? You can still participate here and win some great prizes along the way.

This year’s theme is “Beat the Blogger” so we have a great contest set up for Week 5. Easy and simple to enter.

If you “Beat the Blogger” you will earn 1 entry towards one of TWO grand prizes we are giving away at the end of the promotion – an oversized Andy Dalton Private Signings autograph and a box of 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars football. There will also be a bonus as well for those who participate in the bonus at the bottom.

This week, the person with the most points will win some Panini promotional event packs and some POD packs as well.

The game is: Beat the Blogger at predicting who has more offensive yardage. You will pick a QB, RB, and WR. You can not pick the same players as me. You will get one point for each player you pick that gets more yards than my player. Tie will go to the user and the winner will have the most total overall yards if there is any tie. If two people guess the same exact players, the one who entered first will win.

My three:

Peyton Manning

Marshawn Lynch

Vincent Jackson

Bonus: Tell me the date of the last “Program Update” on the official Panini POD website.

It’s been a fun season. If I do not have your address, please send it to me via email as soon as possible. Prizes will begin going out at the end of the games. I know I said earlier but things got in the way and for that I apologize.

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12 Responses to 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day – Week 9

  1. Dan Gladstone says:

    Matt Ryan

    Adrian Peterson

    Roddy White

    Bonus – 11/30/2012

    – 2 Points

  2. Dustin Vredenburgh says:

    Drew Brees
    Ray Rice
    Roddy White

    – 1 Point

  3. Dustin Vredenburgh says:

    October 17th 2012

  4. Steve B says:

    Drew Brees
    Demaryius thomas
    Chris Johnson

    Bonus: 10-17-12

    – 1 Point

  5. Nick gauder says:

    Andrew Luck- Doug Martin- Denarius Moore- Bonus October 17 2012. Thanks guys!

    – 1 Point

  6. RobF says:

    Andrew Luck
    Doug Martin
    Justin Blackmon

    (Rookie trifecta)

    – 1 Point

  7. Jonathan Hoffman says:

    Aaron Rodgers

    Ray Rice

    Roddy White

    Oct. 17


    – 1 Point

  8. Evan L. says:

    QB:Matt Ryan
    RB:Ray Rice
    WR:A.J, Green
    Bonus: October 17, 2012

    – 3 Points

  9. Shane.K says:

    QB – Andy Dalton
    RB – Frank Gore
    WR – Earl Bennett

    BONUS – OCTOBER 17, 2012

    – 1 Point

  10. Chris F says:

    Thanks for the contests, its been fun!

    Andrew Luck
    Chris Johnson
    AJ Green

    Program Update: OCTOBER 17, 2012 — The deadline for concluding your in-shop promotion has been extended to November 30 due to the shipping delays. Please note National Sweepstakes Entries are still due by Dec. 18, 2012.

    – 2 Points

  11. Brian says:

    QB- Andrew Luck
    RB- Ray Rice
    WR- Demaryius Thomas

    Last program update: October 17, 2012

    – 1 Point

  12. Weirdmaniac says:

    Josh Freeman
    Chris Johnson
    Brandon Marshall

    – 1 Point

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