How to Win a $50 Gift Card From DA Card World!

As part of our new partnership with Dave & Adam’s Card World, we have the awesome opportunity to give away a free $50 gift card to their online hobby shop for you to spend on whatever you like.

If you have never heard of DACW before, click the link and check out their online hobby shop. It is one of the best in the biz and my preferred shop of choice. They have hobby boxes, retail boxes, and singles all from the past several years. I also purchase a ton of my supplies there as well and used them to purchase my supplies for my wedding.

How to enter:

You can get an entry 3 ways, so you have up to 3 entries to earn.

– Retweet a specific post on Twitter and follow me and @dacardworld.

Like me and DA Card World on Facebook.

– Post here about your experience with DA Card World, or if you are new, what you like about their site.

All entries will be randomized with a winner chosen on Monday. Entries end on Sunday at 11:59pm PST. One entry per method of entry per person, per household. If I catch someone attempting to go around this, all your entries are disqualified. I do check.

You will receive a special gift card code for $50 credit via email for you to use at your discretion.

Good luck!

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16 Responses to How to Win a $50 Gift Card From DA Card World!

  1. Dan says:

    Pulled my first 1/1 Auto from D&A, a Carson Palmer 2006 Playoff NFL Playoffs Auto. Always had good luck buying product for them.

  2. Jesse says:

    I love their prices on some of their products and their super fast shipping!

  3. Brian says:

    Really like the organization of their site. Easy to navigate

  4. Adam says:

    I have ordered from them a few times before. Good prices, quick service and an easy to navigate site. The free shipping over a certain spend level is nice too.

    Also I already Like both of your on Facebook so hopefully that counts.

    Don’t do twitter.

  5. Matt Schultz says:

    New to the site. Like the idea of being able to trade cards on the site.

  6. Jonathan Hoffman says:

    I follow both of you on Twitter and I liked both of you on Facebook.

    I’m new to the site as well. It’s really a easy to navigate and a well designed site. You can find what you are looking for very easily!

    Jonathan Hoffman

  7. Sxrxndnb says:

    I purchased topps finest ufc from dacardworld earlier this year and it arrived at my house via ups ON release day! I will be doing the same with the new Bloodlines next month!

  8. Steve B says:

    I’ve never used their online store before. However, they have 3 stores in my area and I visit them from time to time. Good selection of product.

  9. Dustin Fink says:

    I havent used their site as of yet but it looks like they just about everything you could possibly ever want to buy. I plan on buying some basketball boxes from them here soon beings they are cheaper than other sites i have priced them on.

  10. RobF says:

    I’ve used their site several times. Love’em. Best experience I had was when I placed an order that included a preorder. I didn’t realize at the time that this would mean my entire order wouldn’t ship for months. So I emailed them and they made it super easy to break my already place order into two orders and shipped my other boxes the next day. Very helpful folks.

  11. Purchased at least once from them. Good prices, cards shipped very well.

    Also, liked both on Twitter and FB and re-Tweeted as well.

    Thanks for the contest!

  12. Sport card collectors says:

    Follow you and dacardworld and like you both Facebook. I have never pulled any big hits from them but love the prices and selection which is why i will continue to buy from them. With low prices i dont mind Not getting the big hit yet because at some point it is coming. Thanks to both of you for the contest. You can get a lot for $50

  13. Evan L. says:

    Pretty good site, pulled an Adrian Gonzalez All Star Game used workout jersey letter 1/1 from them and sold for a pretty penny. #1 place for buying boxes online.

  14. I’ve only used them once but overall it was a good experience. I love the fact that they give away free stuff with your orders!

  15. Shane.K says:

    1)Followed both on FB.
    2)Followed both on and RT’d on twitter
    3)Never ordered from them before, but what I like is their outstandingly low prices on retail blaster boxes. These prices blow the big box stores out of the water. Retail is for suckers – DA Cardworld is for collectors!

  16. tkdkid1 says:

    Twitter is @GoYickettyATL, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring it out.

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