Panini Continues Their Exclusive Deal For NBA Trading Cards

Just announced within the last couple of hours, Panini America has extended their exclusive deal as the sole company to provide NBA basketball cards to collectors out there in a new multi-year agreement.

Most of the responses on the Twitterverse have been positive, with several congratulatory messages to the only company to have a presence in all four major sports along with FIFA and several entertainment ventures. Even Kobe Bryant got in on the announcement where he stated, “[Panini] brings trading cards back to having a cool factor” and “Panini will be on the cutting edge of what they do.”

Personally as a collector, I’m not a huge fan of exclusive deals because I like the variety of products. I say the same thing when it comes to baseball cards. On a plus note, there are less rookie autographs out there so it helps with the value a bit. Did you see the Kyrie Irving autographs earlier this season on eBay? Wow. Or the Jeremy Lins last year? Two very good examples on how it shapes the market. As a business move, it’s a great move for Panini in securing those rights, so kudos on that. And with the expansion of products into China, Panini is moving into a strong Asian market for basketball collectibles.

Panini is here to stay in the NBA trading card arena. For more information on the deal visit their official blog.


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2 Responses to Panini Continues Their Exclusive Deal For NBA Trading Cards

  1. fatcatt says:

    I think Panini is and is going to squash any worries about product variety. They already are coming out with new Basketball products and bringing new things to the other sports markets. Another thing that I love in what they are doing is being so open with their business. Not afraid to show new products well in advance of releasing. If you haven’t already you must get Panini’s “Knights Lance” news letter. While they are being open Topps continues to be secretive about their stuff and is going to get left behind if they don’t start changing philosophies. This is the Information age. Topps is still in the Cold War era where everything is Top Secret. And their customer service lags behind as well. One thing both need to stop doing is releasing so many autos numbered so high. I mean Topps with Autos numbered into the 1000’s in Finest was just dumb. And their twitter baron couldn’t understand they’d been better off not numbered at all. Panini is guilty with some as well. But bottom line is they need to cut somewhere…Love reading the articles here. Thanks!

    • It’s not about product variety more than it is company variety. They can afford to come out with new things, especially in basketball, because there is no other alternative. It allows them more creativity and expansion of ideas because they have no competition. Some have good results (Gold Standard, Preferred) while others haven’t (Elite Black Box) as prime examples.

      I think both Topps and Panini have been “secretive” about stuff, but Topps being more guilty of that. Those high numbered patch autos you speak of are ridiculous. And yes, the only company which has IMPROVED customer service has been Panini. Their Twitter “baron” is generally a smart guy. He is just a company guy though, promoting the brand the best way possible and won’t/can’t admit to criticisms.

      Thanks for the post!

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