Review: 2012 Panini Prominence Football

2012 Panini Prominence football is a new product put out by the folks at Panini America which is rookie focused and indulges collectors with the “hits” that they desire. With 3 hit cards per box (usually two autographs and one memorabilia card) the product can satisfy collectors, especially in a solid rookie draft like this past season. Does it make the grade for us though? Let’s take a look at what we pulled.


Panini has really been stepping it up in the design department with most products this season, and this product is another piece of evidence of that. With a design that focuses mostly on the player and the lightly colored background, it plays a great effect of the player popping from the card. Although I’m not sure what the difference is between the gold and silver foiled cards that are numbered to same print run. The die-cut autograph looks good as well. I can’t see what the patch autos look like from the redemption pulled, but similar results on eBay aren’t bad with pretty big swatches. The issues I have are with the dual memorabilia cards, which I don’t really find appealing at all. For this product, I would have liked to see something different. Maybe go back to the two sided memorabilia cards to change it up. The current design is just bland compared to the rest of the product.


Yes, the checklist is rookie heavy. 100 rookies made the cut. With 2/3 of them being so called “scrub” rookies, if you are looking for value…you get it 1/3 of the time.¬†Or however that math goes with 2 autographs each at 1/3 the chance. I was never good at that stuff. But overall, it’s a well rounded checklist as far as selection goes. There is a great selection of base cards of both current players and legends of the game, which is always welcome. That large number of rookies though, despite it being a rookie centered product, can lead to disappointment if you’re looking for…


$100 a box, it sort of feels like you are opening Limited football. The only difference is that you have 0% chance of pulling a Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, etc. autograph. I know the math on that one. Even Inception doesn’t have this high of a price tag, and if you’re comparing rookie centered product, you want to look at the more successful ones like that product. The three hits are nice, but also the single colored jerseys from the Rookie Premiere aren’t worth the $33 per hit in this product. Make it three autographs for all boxes, and you got a better product. Limited with rookies just doesn’t work in my book.


Overall, this is one of the better designed products from Panini. I enjoy most of the designs of this product, although I don’t care for the memorabilia cards all too much. From eBay on my redemption, it looks like the patch cards have pretty big windows, so that’s a big plus as well. The checklist is solid overall as well featuring veterans, legends, but way too many non-skill rookies. I know this is a rookie themed product, I know you want to fill in the gaps, but the autographs from offensive/defensive lineman no one has heard of isn’t the best. Especially when it comes to value. When you’re getting 2 rookie autographs in a box and one of them is almost guaranteed to be a non-skill player…it can get a little disheartening when you’re putting down a Benjamin for it.

Thanks goes out to Panini America for providing this box for review. You can find them online on their official site, blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Make sure you check out the current Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion.

For the full checklist and more information, check out 2012 Panini Prominence on Cardboard Connection.

Not shown: Ryan Tannehill Patch/Auto Redemption

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