Preview: 2012 Topps Prime Football

Are you looking for rookie hits? Then 2012 Topps Prime Football should be right between your hashes. If you are looking for veteran stuff, well this product would be a miss wide left. 2012 Topps Prime football is out, today actually, and with it you can find a ton of rookie content to savor that itch.

2012 Topps Prime football features one autograph relic card, one autograph card, and two relic cards per box. Each box contains 10 packs per box with 6 cards per pack, so just about every other pack will have a hit for you hit collectors out there.

The autograph relic cards seem to be the real draw with pieces of memorabilia like jerseys, patches, pieces of footballs, gloves, and wristbands. Topps really has gone all out in this product to get you all sorts of memorabilia pieces to add to your card collection. These are pretty unique pieces that you don’t see in many products, so it will definitely be a card you will need to have for your favorite rookie collection. The regular relic cards will contain some of these pieces as well.

As with pretty much all Topps products, you will find a large number of parallels as well. From the base cards numbered to 350, all the way down to 1/1. Again, we don’t know what the base parallel is numbered to for the hits, so it makes you wonder, and hope, it’s not some ridiculously large number like Topps Platinum of Finest had. The parallels aren’t so bad, but when you are reaching like 1800+ for base patch autos, things need to be re-evaluated.

Otherwise, with the unique memorabilia pieces and the strong rookie class of autographs, it looks to be a product that would be a lot of fun to open. It debuts today, September 28, 2012, and retails about $100 a box.

Find out more about this product, including the checklist, on the Cardboard Connection product information page.

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  1. Sport Card Collectors says:

    I didn’t care much for this product last year…of course I only could afford retail of it then. Maybe hobby is better? Did you try any?

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