NFL Week 3 SCB Rookie of the Week

With a wild week 3 of games, some for better reasons than others, there were a ton of standouts on both offense and defense this week. With solid play from a ton of rookies, it was a difficult pick for our NFL Rookie of the Week.

Our pick had to be T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts. The wide receiver had a great performance in the loss to the Jaguars. He was able to haul in four passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. Despite the team not being able to pull out a victory, he stepped up with the loss of Austin Collie and should be getting more targets the rest of the season.

This is his 2012 Topps Platinum autographed rookie card. After a big game like that, his card prices have jumped a bit, and there should be a little more ceiling in his cards if he puts up another big week. The Austin Collie situation also gives this more room to move up, so grab them up now in case he has another big week.

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3 Responses to NFL Week 3 SCB Rookie of the Week

  1. Sport Card Collectors says:

    It was a tough choice. Couldn’t go Wilson..that was an int to end that game lol. I went Luck. But Hilton did really well and with his rookies seeming to flood everyones packs maybe its a good thing

  2. Rob F. says:

    Glad to see him getting targeted. This weekend should be more difficult for offensive rookies given the matchups. If it’s not RG3 again, I’m guessing it will a defensive player next week.

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