NFL Week 1 & 2 SCB Rookies of the Week

I wanted to start this little segment after the NFL Week 1 games, however, I’ve been just so busy with things it was put on the back burner. This was an idea from a reader of the blog that he would want to see and I can see the appeal.

Week 1 SCB Rookie of the Week: Robert Griffin III

It’s an obvious choice for Week 1 Rookie of the Week. It has to go to RGIII. The dynamic quarterback was able to throw for 320 yards in his first NFL game with two touchdown passes. He was also able to scamper for 42 yards on the ground in leading the Redskins to victory over the Saints. His rookie card prices were already sky high before the season even began, but with a convincing performance like that it justified the price paid by all those collectors out there.

Week 2 SCB Rookie of the Week: Trent Richardson

Week 2 was a tougher choice for who takes the crown as the rookie of the week. Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Andrew Luck all did well in leading their teams to victory, but Trent did a lot of damage on the ground despite the Hogs’ loss. 109 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown is great for the rookie’s second game, but he also added 36 yards and another touchdown through the air. Trent’s showcasing his strong legs and good hands, that’s bad news for opposing defenses and good news for card collectors.

Hopefully we will keep this as a weekly thing, showcasing the best performances by NFL rookies each week.


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2 Responses to NFL Week 1 & 2 SCB Rookies of the Week

  1. Sport Card Collectors says:

    Great job. Week 2 was a harder choice. I would go Luck only because of the poise he showed on the last drive to lead Indy to victory. But Richardson had some amazing runs in that game.

  2. Rob F says:

    Great article. I’d love to see Richardson and maybe even Doug Martin or Alfred Morris pick up this award a few more times – mainly because i’d love to see rb’s more involved in the league again. Watching live-action Madden Football is cool and all with the video games stats and scores, but can we at least draw a line somewhere back around 2004 and say that the game today is totally different. Marino earned his 5000 yard season in a different world than the guys last season, you can’t compare them.

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