Topps Has Finally Changed Things Up with 2012 Chrome Baseball

Repeatedly, I am always down on Topps for their flagship Chrome products. Mainly because that’s all it is. Flagship with Chrome finishing. Personally, I don’t think that will ever change, but this year Topps has finally changed things up enough with 2012 Topps Chrome baseball to keep me interested in the product.

No black background, die-cut!

While I was unable to provide a preview before heading off to my honeymoon, I wanted to make sure I write something about a product that I usually don’t really care about. This year though, I wish I had done a preview before the product came out so I could discuss some of the changes that looked good.

My main gripe about Topps Chrome has always been the same. Same design, smelly chrome on top of it. Big whoop. And yeah, the base set is still the same design with chrome on top of it. But there are improvements in other areas that really caught my eyes. It’s kind of like Topps Chrome meets Topps Finest as far as the inserts go.

I’m a sucker for die-cuts, and 2012 Topps Chrome really showcases some neat designs with the die-cuts involved front and center. Whether it’s die-cut autographs or some sweet die-cut inserts, Topps has literally changed the landscape that they have done in the past with Topps Chrome inserts. In the past, it’s been nothing really new or striking. This is a big change.

Also included are buybacks for autographed Chrome cards for players that never had a Chrome rookie autograph card? Not a bad idea, but I could see that going over much better in Bowman Chrome or something like that where those are the rookie cards people really carry a lot of weight for.

Topps really had to fill a void because of the USA National Team being licensed by Panini now, but I really think that was a god send to Topps as it gave them a chance to be a little more creative and provide some cards that really make the set more exciting.

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2 Responses to Topps Has Finally Changed Things Up with 2012 Chrome Baseball

  1. Scott B. says:

    I have an issue with Chrome this year. Now say what you want about them but they are still a MLB team. But totally excluding the Houston Astros was just pathetic. They did have an all star in Altuve. They do have a decent fan base. And despite the team this was a slap in the face. I know the team sucks. But I’ve been a Stros fan for 30 yrs. Yes there’s a lot of ups and downs. But this team is still part of baseball and they should be represented in some way. I’m sure there was a reason other than their record. At least there better be. But whatever it is they need to make it public as to why they excluded them.

  2. Yeah I was hearing about the lack of Astros. That would bug me if it was my favorite team too and it’s unacceptable to leave a team out of it.

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