You Will Love the 2012 Elite Football Acetate Autographs

The one thing I have been pushing since well before this blog was created, was for a company to start using acetate autographs once again. Upper Deck did it in their ICE hockey products and I knew it had to be brought over to other sports. It’s something I love to collect and I actually have a nice little acetate card collection, with a few autographs too.

Well Panini has listened to me. Well, I’d like to think they listened to me. I know a lot of collectors out there feel the same way I do about products and they have brought back what I love. These awesome cards can be found in 2012 Panini Elite football. Check out this Doug Martin:

On card, on acetate, whatever you want to call it, but it’s beautiful. Not only is the design great for an acetate autographed card, Panini has also taken the cues from other companies and collectors and has started to add a little bit of color in the ink. With different color inks meaning different rarity levels, it adds a great element for set collectors, player collectors, and even additional value.

So you will love the acetate autographs in this product. Well at least this set, I noticed some sticker autographs on the Hard Hats acetate autograph set that look at bit off, but these are gorgeous. You will love them.

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One Response to You Will Love the 2012 Elite Football Acetate Autographs

  1. Matt Gilman says:

    I really want to get my hands on one. Acetate rocks! I loved the Pinnacle inscriptions back in the day and still own 3 of them. Kerry Collins, Elvis Grbac and the well loved Jeff George

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