SCB Review: (Contest Included!) is one of the seemingly endless number of sports card group break sites out there. Nowadays, there are new group break sites popping up daily. You need to know where the most trustworthy group breaks are, right? Well, the fine folks at Mojo Break wanted me to experience their product firsthand and were able to give me a shot in one of their group breaks for 2012 Panini Prestige football.

The type of break was a team draft style break. Everyone in the group break was listed and then randomized for draft order. The people in the break then picked the teams they wanted from the product. Of course, with this season being hyped up for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, the Colts and Redskins were the first two teams taken. As for me, I was way down in the 20s. I was stunned and happy when my favorite team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were still available, so I snatched them up. Every person gets the cards pulled from their team of choice.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my draft spot. I had thought about giving it away, but depending on where my draft position was, I thought giving away a card from the break would be better. Then I was able to grab my favorite team, so that threw another bone into what I wanted to do.

Then finally, my one hit from the product was this card:

The one card I wanted from the product for my PC was pulled. Ah, crap. Well…it looks like I’ll have to give SOMETHING away for this good luck.

So instead of giving away a PC card, which every collector would hate to do, I have a couple things here I’m going to give away to one person:

2012 Prestige Passports Ryan Broyles RC autograph and Prestige Picks Andrew Luck RC. I’ll also throw in a few more goodies as well.


All you have to do to enter this contest is click on the little box on the right that will direct you to Check out their site, maybe join a group break or two if that’s your thing, and report back to me what you think of their site or services. Simple as that. One random entrant will receive the two cards listed above. This contest will run for one week, so get moving!

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23 Responses to SCB Review: (Contest Included!)

  1. Brad says:

    Do we leave our answer for mojo break contest here?

  2. Matt Gilman says:

    Pretty nice site. I like the schedule they put up for their breaks. Ton of awesome product upcoming they will be breaking into. I honestly not one for box breaks. I would much rather bust my own stuff. Even though i collect Giants, I collect everything else in between.

    Thanks for the contest!

  3. Weirdmaniac says:

    To be honest, the site looks to be one of the premier group break sites out there and it is… That’s what I’ve heard at least. I’m not much into group breaks, but I was would definitely be the site that I would use.

  4. cubsfan-budman says:

    You know, the concept is great. I’m sure they fill a lot of breaks, but for high-end product (that doesn’t have a lot of cards in each pack), I think that draft breaks are better than team breaks and they seem to do mostly team breaks.

    They could use a feature that would allow you to just see team breaks or just see draft breaks.

    Also, they have a ton of spelling errors (check the FAQ). That makes the site seem amateurish.

    Cool idea, mediocre execution.

  5. Kazi says:

    Kept getting Error 404 but when I clicked on the tabs, they worked–set up seems nice—product, date and price–everthing you need to know–Thanks for the contest–hope I have LUCK with the contest

  6. First off, great prizes!!! Really like the Luck. The auto is nice as well. Not as nice as the hit you got from the break..congrats on that! I like the design of the site. Clean…and seems very legit to buy from. Especially if you are the one recommending them to us. And you def got some MOJO!

  7. Evan L. says:

    Very organized site! Seems like decent prices. Might have to participate in one break there sometime. Pretty cool site.

  8. Shane.K says:

    I like the style and theme of the site. They seem very professional. It would be wise to be dedicated to this site now, as they seemed to be poised for growth!

  9. BRAD says:

    MOJO is the site! its easy to navigate, buncha great breaks and variety. prices are very competitive if not the lowest i have seen for team chosen breaks instead of random draw teams! will be getting into a mojo break right after this, seriously! ask him! have been getting info on breaks and stuff last few days, real cool dude! well thats my ramble! MOJO!!

  10. Scott B. says:

    An interesting site for sure. Prices seem very decent. I watched a past break. Not saying they all are like that one, but he moved along pretty fast. It was hard to get a good look at times. And not everyone are expert collectors that know what all the cards are. I think they can do better in that aspect and probably will as they go along and get bigger. The blog is similar to other fantasy sites I’ve been on. They can be really informative and you can usually get an answer to a question or comment on something you’ve posted. All in all seems pretty easy to get around and it’s simple. Already added to my homepage on my IPad. The more info and prices to look at the better!

  11. Jamie says:

    Keep the MOJO coming!!!! Great prices. Thorough in what they are trying to get across. Very informative and easy accessibility. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  12. Cole davis says:

    I love their site I always visit so you know I already love the mojo. And this site as well. Lots of great info and reading. A+ by far

  13. Patrick Pichon says:

    Very nice site I always like box breaks.

  14. Matthew Merryweather says:

    Not a bad site the tabs did not work. I’m starting to collect cards for my eight month old son so it would be awesome to win. Cool contest.

  15. Jose Valdes says:

    The site is nice. If I had money I would get some of their offers.

  16. Lukas Ham says:

    Wow! just found this amazing blog and I really enjoyed the other site as well. I don’t normally do box breaks but seeing what you go may reconsider. Great giveaway!!

  17. I like the site a lot. I do get in on group breaks fairly often and will surely consider checking them out for one.

    Thanks for the contest!

  18. Contest is closed. Randomization will be done tomorrow. Thanks all for participating.

  19. Shane.K says:

    Winner was?

  20. Winner was Sports Card Collectors.

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