Preview: 2012 Upper Deck Soccer

The MLS season has already started and Upper Deck is ready to start their season on the pitch. Upper Deck will be coming out with their flagship brand for the MLS season in a few days and will feature all of the stars of “The Beautiful Game” here in the States.

Each box will contain 20 packs and 12 cards in each pack. You will be getting a ton of cards in a box of this product. Each box will also contain at least 1 autograph and 4 memorabilia cards. This product not only has a great number of beautifully designed base cards, but a good number of hits too to get you amped up for the rest of the soccer season. I’m sorry, futbol season.

You will also find a few newcomers in this set as well to get some of you favorite new rookies from the draft. With rookies, veterans, and some sweet autographs and memorabilia pieces, this looks like a worthwhile product for soccer fans.

At just under $100 a box, this is great for hit collectors, set collectors, or just plain old soccer fans here in the States…or abroad if you happen to like US soccer for some reason compared to any other league. You’ll be able to find this on shelves tomorrow, July 10, 2012, at your local card shop or online.


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