What Should Have Been Added to 2012 Topps Archives

Sweep the leg!

The 1984 cult classic “The Karate Kid” is featured in 2012 Topps Archives with autographs from actors in the movie. This was an interesting idea from Topps, and not a terrible idea at all. It matched their 1984 design, it was a classic movie with a large fan base, and it’s in a genre that collectors would enjoy. It just doesn’t fit baseball to me.

But when Topps posed the question on Twitter on what we thought the bonus addition to Archives would be, I thought they were going to go with Major League. And that’s something they should of had in the product to make it legendary.

Imagine a Ricky Vaughn Topps card. Maybe Pedro Cerrano. Willie Mays Hayes? All of these characters would look great in Topps products with their Cleveland uniforms on. Then throw in some on-card autographs from the actors. Leaf has tried this with Charlie Sheen and it got a great response and the cards have some pretty good value attached to them. I would argue if Topps did it, it would be more valuable.

I just wish Topps had done this with Archives instead of The Karate Kid, or even in addition to The Karate Kid. The product is great as it is, but it could have reached legendary levels with that addition.

I guess with the success of this year, there is always next year. If they can’t afford to get the actors from Major League, maybe add a movie from 5 years later…Rookie of the Year. Get a Henry Rowengartner (Thomas Ian Nicholas) autograph. Phil Brickma (Daniel Stern)  and of course, Chet Steadman (Gary Busey).

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  1. sanjosefuji says:

    You’re absolutely right… I’ve been craving a Wild Thing Topps card for years!

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