Marketing Your Card Shop: In-Store Activities

In-store activities are some of the best ways to market your card shop and get repeat customers. Some of the in-store activities cost very little, if nothing, while some do cost some money up front. Let’s go over a few ideas collectors and I have come up with.

Group Breaks

Finding hobby trends that collectors really enjoy involves getting to know your clients. You can do that by chatting with your customers or seeing what is popular online on the numerous forums and blogs. One of the recent popular things is called the group break.

Having a group break in your store is a great way to move product quickly and efficiently. Everyone pays for either a slot or a team. You can then open the entire box and the contents go to those who paid to get in the group break. Places like Clouts n Chara go through several cases of products of hockey products due to their eager collectors. Their prices are even marked up compared to the price of the product as well and the lower price of the split cost makes selling the slots to less wealthy customers easier.

Hold a group break a week or bi-weekly and you’ll be happy you did. Just make sure you give ample time to market the group break and if it’s a slot break, get some pre-orders to the group break in.

Youth Sports

Start them young. You have all that extra base laying around or cheap game used/autograph cards that you want to get off your shelves? Pack them up in team bags and go visit your local youth sports leagues. Not only will you be starting collectors young, but adding in a simple business card can help spread the word about where they can find more sports cards. Easy marketing at minimal cost. Or to make it an in-store activity, have the youth come to your shop in uniform to receive the free cards or packs.

In-Store Signings

One of the biggest draws can be in-store signings. Getting a Hall of Famer or popular player on a local professional sports team is a great way to get more people in the door. Combine that with maybe an appearance by an authenticator or grading service like BGS or Tri-Star, and you got yourself a winner. You can easily buy a number of things that people can get signed as well and sell those at the door. You can also get extra items signed for your shop to sell either in your store front or online. It’s a great way to get some additional income and market your store at the same time.

All of these things are great ways to improve your business by holding activities that will bring traffic to your shop. More traffic is equal to more business.

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