May 2012 Sports Card Releases

It’s May, and you know what that means…baseball is back in full swing with some solid offerings from Topps and now Panini coming out. Let’s see what we have coming out. Oh, and if you’re new to the game, the rating is my excitement level on the product.


2012 Topps Bowman Baseball – May 9, 2012 – $75 – 8/10

The first true prospecting of the season begins with the first licensed prospect product coming out from Topps with some great signers from a deep draft.

2012 Topps Archives Baseball – May 23, 2012 – $86 – 8/10

A product that kind of reminds me of Topps Fan Favorites with a little twist. A blast from the past with former Topps designs and a seemingly solid checklist of autos, it looks like a good time.

2012 Topps Pro Debut Baseball – May 30, 2012 – $64 – 5/10

Full preview coming soon.

2011 Panini Limited Baseball – May 2, 2012 – $100 – 8/10

One of my former favorite products from Donruss is back again and its great to see Panini bring back some of the names of the past.


2012 Panini Past & Present Basketball – May 16, 2012 – $100 -8/10

I think this shortened time to create products from Panini is actually good as some of the products they’ve been putting out are great. This looks like it could be great too and it has a great feel to it.


2012 Bowman Signatures Football – May 30, 2012 – $180 – 7/10

Mostly all rookie autographs, a high price tag, and possibly no NFL uniforms? I’ll pass. But the cards look pretty good besides those points.

2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends Football – May 22, 2012 – $112 – 8/10

This looks like a great product with some AWESOME names from college football past and present. I really like the look of this product and can’t wait to see the final product.

2012 Upper Deck USA Football Set – May 15, 2012 – $38 – 6/10

USA Football gets it’s due with the brightest stars in the future of college football and the NFL. But how valuable these will be is still up in the air.


2011-12 ITG Between the Pipes Hockey – May 3, 2012 – $90 – 9/10

I loved this product last year and it looks just as good, if not better, than last year.

2011-12 Panini Contenders Hockey – May 16, 2012 – $108 – 8/10

An improvement in it’s second season, Contenders is on with a new format with some better looking cards and hits.

2011-12 Panini Titanium Hockey – May 30, 2012 – $100 – 8/10

The Titanium brand is back again for the first time since 2000, and brings a Certified like appeal to the hockey world.

2011-12 Upper Deck SPx Hockey – May 8, 2012 – $120 – 7.5/10

SPx is back and looks to be improved over the last season. Shadowbox cards, a great line-up of hits, and better design look to pave the way this year.

2011-12 Panini Elite Hockey – May 2, 2012 – $120 – 8/10

Panini bringing the Elite brand to hockey is interesting and with some of the updated designs are solid as well. It should be a solid product from them in the hockey world.


2012 Sportkings Series E – May 3, 2012 – $94 – 9/10

Some really sweet cards from Dr. Price at ITG with this release featuring some of the nicest memorabilia cards and autographs I’ve seen in awhile across all sports. Beautiful.

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