Blogoversary Contest #4 – The Bash

Blogoversary contest #4 is a little different then the others and with that difference comes some better prizes because this is a test of skill and a little bit of luck. has been viewed around 125,000 times since it went live on April 23, 2011. (+ or – 1,000) Your goal is to guess exactly how many views this blog will have at the end of the day on April 23, 2012.

The winner will receive the spoils, there is no doubt in that.

2010-11 UD SPGU Mike Cammalleri GU Jersey

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Hideo Nomo GU Jersey

2012 Topps Magic Robert Housler RC Autograph

2011-12 Panini Preferred “Forward” Booklet 8x GU Jersey (90s forwards)

So we got a little bit of everything from each sport and each card company going out to the person who can guess the closest number of visitors at the end of the official blogoversary day. You have until Sunday, April, 22, 2012 to make your guesses.

(Hint: This site has gone up in viewers every month since it was created. So taking an average won’t get you close!)

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24 Responses to Blogoversary Contest #4 – The Bash

  1. For the #4 contest I guess 126,550.

  2. Madison says:


  3. Weirdmaniac says:


  4. PatrickP says:


  5. Matt Gilman says:

    Really really want that booklet card!!!! I do not own one in my collection!! I will go with 127,100

  6. The Diamond King says:


  7. shawn norman says:

    53 viewed site

  8. Adam says:


  9. karl iverson says:


  10. Sport Card Collectors Blog says:

    I will go with…..129,050

  11. Shane.K says:


  12. Paul Mitchell says:

    129, 679

  13. Robert Kim says:


  14. Dan K says:


  15. Mike Razler says:


  16. Evan L. says:


  17. Lebrono_wade says:

    I think its 124,479

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