Toploader Size Guide

I wrote a post on Sports Card Forum back some time ago in 2010 about how to find the correct toploader size for your very thick cards. I thought I would transpose that information here in the case someone out there needs to find this information more easily.

Do you have that really thick patch card?

Do you suffer from tight toploaders or are your cards bouncing around in your current toploaders?

Well this will tell you exactly what size to buy for that card. All you need is a ruler and know how to read in millimeters (mm).

1.5mm – 59pt
2mm – 79pt
2.75mm – 108pt
3.5mm – 138pt
5mm – 197pt
7mm – 240pt

In other words, 1mm is about equal to about 40pt.

Now I need to go measure my Upper Deck Exquisite and other thick patch cards to find the perfect size toploader for them!

Most major card sites like Blowout Cards, DA Card World, and Atlanta Sports Cards carry these products.

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