Preview: 2012 Sportskings Series E

From the mind of Dr. Price, Sportskings Series E will be around again this year featuring some of the best athletes in sports with some of the most artistic cards created to date. Where other products may go wrong with handling the lack of a license in a multi-sport product, this product dazzles and you’ll see why.

The one thing I’ve seen in some multi-sports products is the lack of in uniform shots. While some people enjoy the casual setting, I like seeing my sports cards featuring the subject either playing the sport or in their uniform. That means there is some extra work to be done, but Dr. Price does a great job with his designers photoshopping out the logos.

Where I’ve seen some multi-sport products have plain old one-color game used items in their products, Sportskings does a great job in utilizing the entire uniform including some fantastic patches and other beautiful pieces of equipment.

Each box of Sportskings Series E will contain 5 cards with 4 base cards and 1 insert card. Insert cards are either autographed cards or game used memorabilia cards. There are many sports here represented, but no matter who you follow there is something you will like in this product.

Finally, in each master case of Sportskings will be an original 1/1 piece of art created by artist Jared Kelly, known for some beautiful artistry in several Upper Deck and ITG sets. Each master case will also contain an authentic cut signature as well as one Spectacular Patch card.

If you’re a fan of multi-sport products, Sportskings looks to be a winner this year. It releases on May 3, 2012, with a price around $93 per box. It may be a tad pricey for one “hit”, but we’ll have to wait and see what a regular box break looks like.

You can check out the memorabilia checklist or the autograph checklist for what else is in this product.


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3 Responses to Preview: 2012 Sportskings Series E

  1. sanjosefuji says:

    No doubt about it… that Lance Armstrong patch is truly spectacular!

  2. Nice review, but not sure about the single hit for just under $100. Guess I’ll probably take the gamble. That Lance patch is beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

  3. mfw13 says:

    Who cares about the hits (or the box price)….the cards themselves are what people should be collecting. Just buy singles on Ebay….

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