2012 Industry Summit…And I’m Not There

It’s a sad day when the official Industry Summit has started in Las Vegas and I’m not there. Last year, I started this blog shortly after the Industry Summit and knew that I wanted to go the following year with my blog having had a year under it’s belt.

Well as always, life gets in the way. I kinda ended up proposing to my girlfriend at the time and kinda have to save for a wedding. Oh well, maybe next year.

But that doesn’t stop me from reading all the great information from others I know who are attending. I’ve read some interesting things already, which include some interesting stats from hobby shop owners.

After reading some of those stats, I’ve come to a conclusion. Many hobby shop owners either just don’t care, or have no idea what they are doing anymore.

I wrote a post almost a year ago on how I would run and create a hobby shop. It turns out, many of these owners are not using anything I have mentioned here to reach out to their customers.

Many shops aren’t connecting with their customers and potential customers using the mediums I suggested. Facebook, Twitter, even emailing their customers just aren’t being used.

But I also found more staggering information. Hobby shop owners are only getting information on products from their distributors. They are waiting for the information to be fed to them. At that point, the collectors know more about the products then they do!

Case in point, when I went to my local card shop a few weeks ago, I was TELLING HIM about Panini Preferred basketball. Collectors are much more aware of what is going on then the people who are running the hobby shops! What does that tell you?

It’s no longer 1988. As I’ve said before, either run your hobby shop like it’s 2012 or you are going to fail. I use Wayne’s Sports Cards in Edmonton over and over again as an example of a great shop. Yes, it’s in the city, but there are a ton of shops in that city for competition. But time and time again, they come out on top as one of the best shops in Canada. Upper Deck even featured them on their blog recently.

As always, my email is readily available to any hobby shop owners who have any questions or need some ideas.

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One Response to 2012 Industry Summit…And I’m Not There

  1. Matt Gilman says:

    I get what you mean. I had a local card shop and the guy had no idea who Eli Manning was?!!! Or about a new Upper Deck product. It was sad to see him leave after 23 years in the biz and having that as the only local shop was rough to lose, but these owners have got to stay informed and on top of the collecting world.

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