Card Crazy For Jeremy Lin

Who knew?

Who knew that this kid from Harvard and cut from 2 different NBA teams would have some of the hottest cards of the season?

Who knew?

Who knew that this kid would have a cult following and would be putting up All-Star level points and assists totals when he was given the chance to compete?

Who knew?

Who knew Jeremy Lin would be the talk of the NBA when they are announcing All-Star reserves, and not LeBron, Kobe, or any other perennial superstar?

If you haven’t taken notice of Jeremy Lin, it’s time to take notice. His 2010-11 Panini Contenders rookie autograph went from $7 to $70 in a flash. His 2010-11 Panini National Treasures rookie patch autograph just sold for $1k.

If the kid can keep this up, he’s a star in the making. It may or may not be too early to tell, but watching a humble, down to earth kid do well in an ego-centric, individual accomplishment driven league is a breath of fresh air.

Who knew this would happen?

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