Preview: 2011 Topps Five Star Football

Remember last year, when Topps came out with Five-Star football and everyone wondered how Topps would pull off this new high end football product? Well, everyone was stunned when it turned out to be the best high end football product outside of Exquisite. UD had lost their NFL license and Topps was right there to pick up the slack.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s coming back for a sophomore season.

Mark February 22, 2012, down on your calendars for this heavyweight to come to your shop.

One autographed rookie card, one base rookie autographed patch card, one autographed veteran or retired player patch card, one autographed book or dual autographed card, one jumbo jersey or patch card, and 3 base cards. All for $475. Yes, it’s a pricey product, but man are those cards nice because every, every autograph is on card.

Not only will you find some of these beautiful cards, you may also find a redemption for authentic rookie NFL jerseys signed by that player. An idea I’ve had for awhile is coming to fruition and it sounds marvelous.

What do you guys think? Will it be that awesome product it was last year?

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One Response to Preview: 2011 Topps Five Star Football

  1. Matt G says:

    Nice looking stuff from Topps.

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