Review: 2011 Topps Magic Rookies Football

2011 Topps Magic football was from a cannon shot out of nowhere. There wasn’t much information about this product until about a week before it’s release date and we were able to grab a box. This box is only found exclusively on ShopTopps for $19.99. Inside you will find 11 rookie cards along with 1 autographed rookie card. This is an interesting product to review at it’s low price point and guaranteed autograph but we will do our best.

Let’s see what we pulled:




If there is one thing I love about this product, it’s the photography and the Gypsy Queen-like styling to the photos. They almost look painted which gives off a great effect to the eye. I understand Magic is a retro brand and Topps loves the whole retro thing, but I just don’t care for the overall design of the cards. Kinda bleh and boring for a retro design when they could of made it look retro, but added some contemporary design elements like they do with A&G. Plus the sticker autographs don’t look very good on that design.


At a price of $20, the checklist of this product is great. You will find all of top rookies in this checklist with a chance at their autograph so it’s great in that regard. You know coming in that this is a rookie only product with the title, so you can really take off points there for having just rookies. The checklist is exactly what this product describes and that is all the rookies you want.


This product for $20 is a great gamble. For the price of a regular blaster, you may only get 12 cards total, but they are all rookies and you are guaranteed an autograph. Everyone wants hits when they open their packs and by guaranteeing an autograph, you are giving everyone exactly what they want. The checklist features all the top rookies in both base and autographs forms so that just adds value when you can pull a Newton or Murray autograph or any other top rookie. Great job there. There are a ton of duds, like the one I pulled, and I’m guessing there is not an equal number of say Cam Newton autographs as there is of the player I pulled. But it’s not bad at all.


Overall, this is a solid offering by Topps. There are a ton of positives in this product that any company can take and use in the future. While the design is kind of boring and could be a little more “retro-contemporary” the photography and the digital editing looks great. The checklist is full of rookies, just like the product says it is, and it spares nobody. The only downside to that is that you may pull a dud for your autograph, but for $20 you are guaranteed an autograph and some rookie cards, much better than you may find in a blaster box at the store. Overall, it’s definitely a product that is worth the $20 gamble.

PS: Remember, if you chose to purchase this online at ShopTopps, make sure to pick the USPS option for shipping to save a ton.

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3 Responses to Review: 2011 Topps Magic Rookies Football

  1. mfw13 says:

    I like this year’s design just fine (very much like 1961 Fleer FB), but I’m disappointed that they decided to make it a rookies-only product. It’s not like FB doesn’t already have tons of rookie focused products already. Last year’s offering was much better.

    • ssking111 says:

      Totally agree! I love these. They should have had the veterans in there too. Only thing better would have been the /10 chromes as well. I wish Topps would have signed Patrick Peterson too, so I could’ve had the chance to pull his auto…but that’s just me.

  2. Matt G says:

    I wished they sold it at Walmart or other places. I dont do a ton of ordering on places other than Dacardworld…so i guess I wont be picking up any.

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