Trading Card Redemptions Suck

Yeah, we all hate redemptions in boxes of our sports cards. We don’t know when they’ll be fulfilled, if they’ll be fulfilled, or what they may be fulfilled with.

Recently I had someone ask me a question about redemptions and it’s an actual incident that I had happen to me as well.

The question was concerning why they have a redemption for “x” player’s autograph and that same player’s autograph is in a newer product which is live and inside packs?

Well I had this experience recently and asked that same question to a sports card company representative and this was the basic answer: When they send out stickers for sticker autographs, that set of stickers is for a certain set. Sometimes, the stickers are returned in a different order and those stickers belong to that product, despite the chance that the product might be 2-3 months newer than the old product. So that is why you might find newer products with a player’s autograph when they had redemptions in an older product.

My thoughts? Yeah, it makes sense when putting together the cards…but god does that suck. First, redemptions in general suck. I hate how they are considered “prizes” and can only be redeemed within a certain period. It’s not a prize as technically buying a box of sports cards isn’t gambling. It’s more of an IOU then it is a prize and that shouldn’t have an expiration date.

But the fact that some autographs make it out before others from an earlier product is not fun. You have customers who are waiting, patiently, for their redemptions for sticker autographs when you can find them in newer products. Just not cool.

I commend trading card manufacturers like In The Game and Benchwarmer who have all of their products come out without redemptions.

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4 Responses to Trading Card Redemptions Suck

  1. shawn norman says:

    I have redemption still not recieved by Topps and i called them 5 times or more and they would say call back in a month so its been 4 monthes and i finally talked to one of the top dogs and he said hold on a minute i will do a little checking and he was gone about 5 min. and got back on phone and said i just found your card in my office and you will get your card by the middle of Feb. but i am still waiting, no card???? I hate this.

  2. Kevin says:

    Do they still make Benchwarmer cards? If so I think I need to hit them up for a sponsorship.

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