Snow Stormin’ Contest

Well I need to batten down the hatches for this snow storm that is going on right now and will last until tomorrow. Our once a year Oregon snow storm is usually a huge deal and since I live at around 1,000 feet, I’m going to get it pretty good. So I’m giving away stuff. Solid reasoning? I think so.

While I still have to do a “Review Deus” of 2011-12 Upper Deck Series I hockey and show what I got and talk more about that fun product, the snow coming down means I got stuff to do. So I’m leaving it up to you guys to provide your own fun, in contest form.

I’m giving away some cards from the Upper Deck reviews.

Here’s what we will do. Read the reviews of 2011 UD University of Oklahoma, 2011 UD University of Texas, and 2011-12 UD SP Authentic basketball and even the mini break of 2011 UD SPGU soccer if you’re feeling lucky. Tell me something positive or negative any of the reviews. For each product you tell me your opinion about, you will get one entry. So you get a total of 4 entries. The winner will receive a prize pack of SP Authentic basketball cards and a few hits from the reviews/mini breaks, including the UD Series I to come.

Oh, and I’ll be looking for big University of Texas and University of Oklahoma football fans to give away a full or mostly full set of each product. I’ll need some sort of proof but that will be an ongoing thing not decided when these are.

So tell me about those products and win prizes. Easy. Now go!

Contest ends on Sunday, January 21, 2012.

Oh, and I’ll announce the Elite Extra Edition winner at the same time.

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5 Responses to Snow Stormin’ Contest

  1. Matt G says:

    I really liked the Sp Authentic basketball break. You did really well with the box you were given. The by the letter auto was sweet. I really do enjoy those.The Jordan floor piece is cool and despite the many of them a unique piece to a collection. and who could forget your Alonzo pull. This was my favorite review out of the Upper deck quad. I liked the hockey series 1 as well. The rookies is where that product is at.
    The Texas review and Oklahoma I hope is ok if I put them together because it was plain and simple for both. You said it perfectly. The design of the base cards for the people the design team at Upper deck could have done much better. I found those 2 breaks very unexciting. And that isnt against you. Just not a very exciting product as much as I like Upper deck.
    And the Gameused soccer, and not being huge fan of soccer, has unique jersey pieces like you well pointed out. The orange one really stands out. I like seeing other sport reviews instead of just the big 4. Owning unique pieces from other sports is nice.

    Interested to see who won donruss elite contest as well. that was a great review and break.

    Thanks for the contest. feeling lucky with 4 entries.

  2. rommel uy says:

    this is an awesome product – that i have to agree with you. being a heat fan, i wouldn’t mind that zo auto and lebron rookie f/x. nice.

  3. Matt G says:

    Was I supposed to post my entry on here? Or is my entry already on the reviews I already posted on? Or both?

  4. rommel uy says:

    well? lol.

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