Review: 2011 Upper Deck University of Oklahoma Football

Boomer Sooner! Are you a fan of one of college football’s annual powerhouses? Do you live and breathe Oklahoma football? Do you talk in an Okie accent? This product is perfect for the Oklahoma football fan, the college football fan, or just a fan of the history of this program.

We were graciously provided with a box of this product to review courtesy of Upper Deck. What’s inside is quite a bit of the storied history of the University of Oklahoma football program. Remember, at the end of this group of Upper Deck reviews I will be giving away a ton of the stuff I have pulled, so stay tuned for that. Here’s what we pulled:

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The design is neither great nor terrible. It feels kind of redundant with everything having the Oklahoma colors, but then again, it is an all Oklahoma product. I really love the OU Icons insert cards that are the hardest to pull in a box as you only get two of them. Those inserts alone bumped it up a little bit from a completely average 3 stars. I’m not a fan of the dual and triple cards that they feature, but the singles all look pretty good. I understand trying to fill out a product based on only one school and it must have been quite the task. I just think it could of looked a little better. Upper Deck has very talented designers, this isn’t one of their best.


The checklist is what frustrates me the most in this product. Okay, there are a ton of legendary Oklahoma players that were great for the Sooners and some great in the NFL. I don’t mind the players that were chosen. However, seeing those players pop up over and over and over and over again in different subsets is what frustrates me. Not only will you receive doubles of one card, you will find several of the same player repeatedly in a box. I can’t count how many Brian Bosworth cards I pulled from this box. I could, I just don’t want to. It would depress me. Bosworth was great, but seeing his name repeatedly isn’t.


This one I was actually debating between 3 and a half and 4. The product currently sits at $40. Not a bad price at all. But if you’re buying a full box, you will find at least one autograph. Got my autograph and apparently it’s not bad either. Not bad. Almost a full complete set minus the autos? Nice too. 21 doubles in a box? Bad. Why not just cut down a card each pack and not have to worry about all the doubles in a box? Save yourself some money, pass that on to the customer, or improve the product a bit. That was too many doubles for a hobby product. I could complain about the player selection again with a billion different cards of one player, but you saw that in the checklist. Otherwise, the value isn’t really terrible.


Overall, this product scores as pretty average of a product. The design isn’t one of Upper Deck’s best, but it does have it’s highlights. The checklist could drive me up a wall with the same players over and over and over again, but that will be an issue with creating a product based on one team. It’s just the way it is. While the value could be a little better, it’s actually not that bad. Just too many doubles which could easily be remedied. I like the addition of an autograph too so that makes it that much better for those going hobby.

So card collecting fans, what are your thoughts on a product like this?

Thanks to Upper Deck for providing this product for review. You can visit them on their official website, official blog, Facebook or Twitter pages.


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10 Responses to Review: 2011 Upper Deck University of Oklahoma Football

  1. Matt G says:

    That was my concern with the product. A ton of doubles. Especially Bosworth. Small checklist. One auto per box. That part is actually the biggest turn away. I would rather have seen 2 hits at least. Not too bad looking.Box value would be hard to get. I think the big chase in this product is Bradford and especially Adrian Peterson.

  2. Shane.K says:

    Nice review on such a specific set of cards – must have been challenging.
    I’ll make my case for the biggest sooner fan following the blog.
    I remember a roadtrip in 2001, when we were driving through Oklahoma on a family vacation from Canada. My dad had rigged up a mini TV between the captain’s seats in the van, and somehow managed to get a LARGE extendable antenna. We somehow got a good picture of a bowl game that The Sooners were participating in.
    In addition, we stopped to fill up fuel, and the gas station was giving away an OU poster of the Oklahoma Greats. We managed to persuade the cashier to give us 7 posters for free, because we were NCAA football fans from canada!

  3. Kyle Lefler says:

    Good review. I agree that for such a specific set. The high prestige of the university makes it possible for some desirable autos.

  4. PatrickP says:

    Once again just like the Texas set it really seems lackluster and just like another way for UD to cash in on people just being die hard fans of the certain colleges!

  5. Madison says:

    Nice review! love the all-time alumni cards. I really like any cards that feature former players. Always brings back the memories!

  6. shawn norman says:

    I really like the look of the cards but i have never bought college player cards but i might now? I would buy them.

  7. Evan L. says:

    I like the look of them, decent auto. Nice for only $40, might look into buying a box.

  8. Randal King says:

    Disappointed with Upper Deck that the set did not include Vessels and Wilkinson, Oklahoma greats!

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