Review: 2011 Panini Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball

Elite Extra Edition baseball has been coming out for a number of years from both Donruss and Panini. It is a product loaded with enough potential talent to make even the smallest prospector take notice. With a ton of a first round autographs and some great looking hard signed cards, baseball card collectors don’t seem to care if they don’t use the logos. The prospects are hot and collectors want them.

Here’s what we pulled:

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Well I have to stay consistent. This is the same base design as it was in 2011 Elite Football so I must be true to my word. The base design is okay. At least they didn’t go horizontal on us like they did in the football release and for that, I thank you. The lettering is nice, but the background is just kinda bland and shiny. Some sort of design in the shiny area would be nice. Even if it’s just shapes. But besides that, as always, I love the design of Panini’s inserts. The Yearbook and Elite Series cards look fantastic. While the Building Blocks reminds me of 2005 Donruss designs, it’s just average. I also thank you for not making a big white box for the autographs and fading the images.


The checklist is fantastic for a prospecting product. The inclusion of 25 MLB players is a nice touch and let’s you see some of the game’s top players mixed with some top prospects. Speaking of top prospects, almost the entire 2011 first round is in this product with autographs. Those players are some of the most sought after prospect autographs so it’s good to see Panini grabbing all those players for this product. Nicely done.


While to me $100 for this product might feel a little high, you can’t complain with the content. 6 autographs in a box and a few paralleled inserts that add a decent amount of value as well, especially when you’re lucky like me and pull a first rounder on a popular team numbered to just 10. One thing I didn’t really like was the doubles of the MLB talent, so maybe they should play with the checklist a little bit next time and include more MLB talent of less packs per box. I don’t like getting doubles, but it happens.


Overall, this is a solid product put together by Panini for their first venture with a MLBPA license. While the base design leaves a little bit to be desired, the inserts look fantastic and I don’t mind the Status or Aspirations die-cuts as much the second time around with this design. The checklist is full of first rounders and heavy favorite prospects as you will see more of in a moment. The sheer number of autographs in a box is great along with the parallels that usually add some pretty good value if you get the right players. Definitely a solid pick up for prospectors out there.

And just for you prospectors out there, I have put together a little cheat sheet on the prospect autographs I pulled, courtesy of Top Prospect Alert.

Check out some prospect ratings on 4 of the player autographs I pulled from this box break.

Want your chance at an autograph from this review? Tell me what you think about this product and if you’re feeling like you got a good idea of prospects, tell me who you are most excited about. I will hold the drawing on Saturday.

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8 Responses to Review: 2011 Panini Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball

  1. matt g says:

    Keenyn Walker and Christhian adames I like. I have always been one who likes to have offensive rookies. These 2 look like they might have a chance. Walker i like more but both look good.

    Overall, i like the base cards. donruss elite silver cardboard always catches my attention for football and baseball as well. The parallels and inserts are awesome. Gotta love any brand that includes die cuts. And including 6 autos a plus and some with hot boxes with 10. Also thanks for the great review. i was wondering about this product.
    Thanks for the chance of being able to own one of these autos would be awesome to win any of them especially either 2 i chose. will def check back on saturday!

    • matt g says:

      had to come back on cause i left out one player i meant to type about but forgot as i typed about the other 2. James Baldwin interests me as well. Always like a player with speed and can hit like carl crawford. and he has a nice clean signature.
      So to win any of these 3 would be sweet. thanks again. hope i didnt dabble on too much

  2. Paul. S says:

    The design is nothing spectacular, but as someone who likes to get cards signed, I appreciate the clean design and focus on the player. The list of prospects included is impressive. As a Braves fan, I’m excited about Sean Gilmartin, but I’m also interested to see I’d Rendon and Starling can live up to the hype. Product is expensive, but considering the content, it’s really not that bad relative to other brands. I would say worth the purchase.

  3. Todd says:

    I’d say product is pretty good. Would’ve been nice to see players in their uniforms. I do like the all of the autos available, huge plus.
    The die cut and parallels are pretty awesome.
    Like Ryan Tatuso, minor league pitcher for the Nationalsl

  4. mark a says:

    Yeah I got it to work. Really like the Elite series. Good looking cards in there college colors, minus the logo’s. Overall a good prospect lineup. Walker’s developing quickly,but Danny Hultzen is a Ace in the Hole. Go UVA

  5. Matt G says:

    Was the drawing held? If not, thats fine. thought I would check while i am on here to see the Oklahoma football review.

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