Ever Wonder How Companies Produce Game Used Cards?

Have you ever wondered how companies produce game used sports cards? Well Panini has posted a time lapsed video from beginning until finished product of a recent card they produced featuring Bear Bryant and Knute Rockne. (Just figured out it was uploaded a year ago, but it’s good stuff.)

In one of the most detailed video about the production process put on Panini’s blog, I would love to share the link and video with you.

Here is the video on Panini’s blog, or you can watch it below. Fantastic stuff if you are interested in production.

I could just imagine what would happen if someone accidentally dropped one of those boxes full of the finished cards. Dinged corners everywhere, it would be a travesty.


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5 Responses to Ever Wonder How Companies Produce Game Used Cards?

  1. mfw13 says:

    The problem with “game-used” cards is that the end customer has no way of actually knowing if what is getting is actually authentic, since all jersey swatches from the same team look alike. That Derek Jeter jersey swatch could just as easily be from an AJ Burnett jersey, and you would never be able to tell the difference. Likewise it could even be from a replica jersey, and you also wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    Game-used jerseys are all about whether you trust the company producing them as well as their sourcing process (given how many “misattributed” jerseys are floating around the hobby), and given how many unethical people are in positions of power in the hobby, I choose not to trust any of them.

  2. Brian says:

    Unfortunately, video moves too fast to really appreciate what was going on. Commentary would also would have been beneficial.
    Any printing & bindery operation interests me as this was my vocation.

  3. matt g says:

    This video was awesome.

    How come your new posts aren’t getting posted on Facebook?

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